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Feb 5, 2001
I hope I'm at the correct section. Has anybody noticed these little funny mistakes or rather differences between the Stargate movie and the series?
For example:
Catherine Langford shows Daniel in the movie (JS) a photo of himself as he is about one year old, maybe even younger, and a man and a woman. Daniels says that this would be his foster parents.
In the series we get to know that Daniel's parents died in New York when he was already eight years old...:D

Movie: On a certifikate it says Tyler O'Neil (Jack's son)
Series: First his son's called Charly, second O'Neill is written with two 'l'

Movie: The Stargate's located in Creek Mountain, Colorado
Series: Cheyenne Mountain

The Abydos-address is different in movie and series.

Movie: Abydos is in the Kalean-galaxy
Series: Sam in the pilot, COTG: In spite of the planet-displacement, we still can dial to Abydos, cos within the Stargate-network, Abydos is nearest to earth
in the fifth race she says: Othalla is beyond the stargate-network, even outside our galaxy...

Okay, this were just a few differences I noticed.
Anybody who saw more?...

:D :rolly2:
lt.col. Adam Kawalsky/maj. Charles Kawalsky

And I think that also Ferretti wasn't major in the film.
In film Ra was one of the last members of his parasitical race which was on the edge of an extinction and in series the galaxy is full of Goa'ulds.
Yeah, I noticed the Sha'uri/Sha're thing, but I haven't noticed the other things. Cool!
Anyone else? Or was that all? :D

omg!here i was getting confuesed about the two spellings of dannys wife!!!
kawalski's nice!!or at least i thougt he was until i saw the mega big hair!


oh yeh in that case how about the switch of all the charctaers!!!new danny,new jack,new everyone!!lol :)

Other little differences:

* spelling of O'Neil/O'Neill

* how the staff weapons works (Ra's had sort of a zap effect when you push people)

* whether (or not) Kawalsky knew Jack before the first Abydos mission
How about the Goa'uld. In the film the Goa'uld wear their helmets in order to keep from their subjects the fact that they are not really gods. Yet in the series th Goa'uld show off their faces right left and center.
It is true that the Goa'uld show their faces all the time but in the Pilot Episode of SG-1 , Apophis was wearing a helmut when he visited Earth and Abydos .
Goofs galore!

However, he then retracted the helmet to reveal his face. He revealed his face on Abydos and on Earth. On earth he revealed his face and as he left his eyes glowed and General Hammond observed this.

On Abydos he als did the same. Now I often wonder at the point just after the attack on Abydos when the young Abydonian tells Danile that it was RA he saw. Now, was the boy confusing the helmet that Apophis wore with the one RA wore? That seems pretty strange because Ra's mask was the same color as the rest of the Horus Guards. Or perhaps the young boy belived that it was Ra. Perhaps Ra was the only Goa'uld to visit Abydos becuase it was his territory and planet. If this was so then prhaps the boy could have saw the Goa'uld design helmets and immediately thought, "RA!"

Now, if it was not the Helmet that made the boy think that Apophis was RA, but the face, then that is a flaw. The only people who could nptice that Peter Williams (Apophis) and Jaye Davidson (RA) bore similar faces would be Daniel and any Goa'uld who had seen RA's face. This young boy that told Daniel that it was RA who attacked them could not have been able to have said that Apophis looked like RA becuase RA and his servants did not reveal their faces to any of their subjects. To do so would reveal that they were not gods, but only man.
Good point,

Maybe Apophis wanted to make a point and scare the people of both Abydos and Earth that RA was not killed but returns
Yesterday I watched the movie again and I saw two new flaws, I think:
First, all Jaffa have pouches to wear the goa'uld larvas in! In the movie no Jaffa had any pouch although we can see their stomachs.
And the second thing is: In the movie Ra was an alien and we can see him while Daniel explains Jack the whole thing in the cave. Ra looks like a little gray alien with sharp teeth. How could his looks change so much to look like the goa'uld in the series?
On your first point. The personal Guards of RA were not Jaffa. There is no flaw here.

On the point of RA's appearance in the movie. That was just a deliberate change. They did it to fit in to their parasite, wormy, snake idea. However, RA in the movie does look rather like the Unas, don't you think.
Ra: sharp-toothed alien vs. snakey thing...

To justify it, how about a host within a host? The snake Goa'uld was within the alien body, which itself was within/metamorphosed to Ra's outer shape?

Just a silly idea...:dead:
And I suppose other notables:

Sam was on the programme behind the scenes and "should have gone on the first mission" so her brilliance was there - yet they didn't try all 39 glyphs as the seventh? Doh!

Nor deduced the symbols were star signs - she is meant to be an astro-physicist PhD - she should recognise Orion; and Lynx or Cetus looks a lot like Ursa Major (I think!)

And they had a probe in the film, but had to get a "prototype probe from MIT" in the series.

At the end of the film all the MP5s on Abydos were out of ammo - yet they appear to be re-loaded by the start of the series (COTG).

Considerably different helmet actions for the guards/Jaffa
Nobody noticed?

With all the differences and inconsistancies mentioned in this thread, nobody has mentioned what is probably one of the more important problems: the stargate itself. In the stargate movie, when the stargate opens it has a swirling cone shaped watery blob of 'event horizon stuff' (er.. whatever it is that the portal is made of) sticking out behind the stargate. This is simply not the case with the series, as the portal is flat in the series, even being made so obvious in episodes like children of the gods, where the camera even moves right behind the stargate and has a look through from the back! That's one thing they could have surely managed to keep consistant, and they shouldn't have let that slip by.....

Nevertheless, the stargate universe is what it is today because of the series, and, lack of continuity or not, it's still great. It's probably the only show I can sit down and watch without saying, "geeze, that's stupid, couldn't they have thought that out better?"

What are we complaining about? :)

(scratches head, shrugs, and resumes watching episode after episode on dvd with a slice of pizza in one hand.....)
The only goof in that is...

The only goof in that is the idea that the stargate Kawoosh in the TV series does not fire back out of the rear. It Settles back in the middle of the stargate. In the film the event horizon is flat. We see the back end of it going back into the middle of the gate to create a flat surface and it's also described that way in the books.
Originally posted by P'Teppic
And I suppose other notables:

Sam was on the programme behind the scenes and "should have gone on the first mission" so her brilliance was there - yet they didn't try all 39 glyphs as the seventh? Doh!

In COTG she says she and her team tried hundreds of constellations but it never worked. So Daniel says that's what he did, but the locations might jave been destroyed or buried...
Oh, and not complaining, it's just funny to see nothing's perfect...(but almost...)
I watch most episodes over and over so after the tenth time I recognize some things I didn't by watching it the first time...:p

(joining you watching with a pizza in my hand)

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