What was the first Xena eps you ever saw??

The first ;)

Hmmm, Well I first started watching Xena via "Hercules" but from memory the first Xena Ep I saw was "the Reckoning"
"Dreamworker" was the first episode I recall. I was bored watching a collage football game on a Saturday afternoon and started flipping thru channels. I would flip back and forth for the next several weeks. It was "Altered States" though that made me tune in regularly. Been hooked ever since.
I am a relatively new Xenaite.

My first ep was "Fallen Angel"

But I'm catching up!
Go ahead ask me anything! :)
My first episode was "Lost Mariner"... I was hooked by the time I saw "A Comedy of Eros" the next week... I think I needed a week to get over the intital shock of finding such a wonderful show on TV. LOL

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