Stargate SG-1 Companion

Oct 18, 2000
Just thought I would let you know that is taking pre-orders for the new Stargate Companion.

From what I have heard this is a great book, and an absolute must for any Stargate Fan.

I am also extremely happy to say that is is written by a great author Thomisina Gibson, who's a great gal to boot.

And for those of you who are attending Gatecon 2001, Thomisina will be there, and i'm sure she would take some time out to sign copies of her book (If she has time).
Well, I just searched and couldn't get a match for her or her book, so maybe it's a bit early yet.

If anyone can find it, please post a link here for me.
Someone sent me the link last week. I will see if I can find it, and will post it here for you all.
Now that you've had time to look it over, is it good, is it worth the cost and also what is the cost? (I'm not that good with £'s:D

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