A (not) So Simple Plan

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Apr 27, 2001
I figured we could use another ST,and maybe finish this one.

Okay, this is a story idea I had for the VS so maybe this could be one of the ST VS eps. The general plot-- Three Americans secretly come to Pulau Pulau to make a deal with Napoleon; the North secedes from the new American nation and Napoleon and his troops back the North against the other states....for a price. But what is the price and what will Jack have to say about it (if he says anything at all??)

For the first time since he had come to the small French island of Pulau Pulau, American spy Jack Stiles had had more than a week's break from fighting Brogard, stopping some act of international importance, and, while he was enjoying the lazy days, he was bored stiff! After all, one could only spend so much time at the Drunken Pig or Coque St. Jacques, the beach, or the market--especially if one went to the market with Emilia Rothschild, business woman and inventor extraordinaire; the woman just loved to shop even though she never really bought much.
"Just think of it as exercise, Jack," Emilia had said when he complained about all the times they had been to market already.
"Exercise? I'll have you know I'm fit as a fiddle!" Jack thumped himself on the chest to prove his point. A low, hollowish sound resonated in the air for one brief second.
"Yes. A bass fiddle," Emilia smirked. "Face it Jack. Within the last month and things being as quiet as they've been, you've gained a little more weight than usual."
Jack bit his tongue before he said something about her weight in retort. With a reluctant sigh, he allowed Emilia to drag him around the market for a few days. She had not been kidding when she said "exercise." She kept him on his feet and would jab at him each time he started to sit down.

Jack heard the voice from far away.
"Jack? I know you can hear me! It's time to get up!"
Jack struggled and his eyes opened for a brief moment. It was the start of a new month and still they had been without a mission. With a groan Jack's eyes closed and he turned over in his bed. A few minutes later he heard the rustling of Emilia's gown as she came in to the lab.
"Jack Stiles, I know you are awake! It's three in the afternoon! Way past the time when you should have been up!" Emilia scolded.
A sleepy eye finally looked at her. "Don't see why you're getting all huffy!" Jack grumbled. "It's already been a month and nothing's been happening."
"Until now!" Emilia informed him.
Jack lifted his head, interested. "Well don't just leave me hanging! What's up?"
"It seems that Napoleon has his eye on America again. President Jefferson is afraid that a few Americans are going to help Napoleon obtain land or something--"
"That's ridiculous!" Jack scoffed. "No American would turn his or her back on the Red, White, and Blue!"
"I know you'd like to think that, Jack. But I know several people who would have been fine if America had remained under the King and, according to the brief news we get of the country, it seems as if trouble has been brewing for some time."
"But it hasn't been definite."
"It could be."
Jack thought it over for a moment. "Well, one thing's for sure, if the King Shrimp is eyeing America again, we've got to stop him."
"What about his American allies?"
"What if they're not American? What if they're French, German, Chinese--"
"Japanese, Burmese!" Emilia huffed. "Yellow, Black, Orange, White, or even Purple Jack, we have to stop them too!"

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(3/22/01 7:04:11 pm)
"Unless of course you'd like to see America fall..." Emilia grinned after a moment.
"Not on your life sister!"
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Emilia and Jack spent the next two days at the docks observing every passenger who came off the ships. Most of the people though, were sailors who had spent months on the sea and now had a bit of shore leave, merchants, and soldiers.
"Are you sure you read the message from TJ right?" Jack asked on the second day and after they had been at the docks for three hours.
"I do know how to read, Jack!" Emilia rolled her eyes.
"I know, but maybe you made a mistake about the mission. Maybe I'm supposed to meet Nappy's supposed allies and try to overtake France?" Even though he said the words, he believed them as much as Emilia did.
"I don't think so, Jack. America's too new to be trying for world domination."
"Okay, okay..it was just a thought."
"More like wishful thinking!"
Jack made a face. "Hey, why don't we take a break and go get a drink at the Pig?" he suggested after a moment.
Emilia narrowed her eyes. Leave it to her partner to ignore the mission--even if it were for a brief moment--in favor of a drink! She was about to say no when she took one last look around the docks. No more passengers were disembarking, a few soldiers patrolled the area, and everyone else she saw was either a merchant or a citizen of the island. "I suppose we could take a short break," she said, emphasizing the word "short."
Jack grinned and offered his arm. Emilia linked hers through and the two spies headed for the Drunken Pig.

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(3/27/01 11:56:39 pm)
As Jack and Emilia were heading to the Drunken Pig, Jack opened the door for Emilia.

"Ladies first." Jack smiled.

"Thank you." Emilia replied.
As Emilia was about to go in a man pushed her out of the way. Jack got pissed.

"Hey you!" Jack shouted. The man turned back around and pointed to himself. "Yeah you! Show a lil' more respect to a lady will ya?!"

"Why don't cha make me?" He replied coldy.

"Oh, I'll make you, alright!" Jack raised his fist in the air while continuing to threaten him.

"Jack please. He's nothing but an ignorant @#%$! And the more you two argue, the less time we can have short break, and to find out the traitor!"

"Alright...hey, you got lucky pal! Otherwise I would've..."


"I'm sorry but I just thought it was rude of him to push a pretty lady out the way and all."

"That's quite alright Jack. You're more mature than him and I thank you for that." Emilia smiled. Jack smiled back and asked the barkeeper 2 buttery nipples.

What they didn't know was that the man that pushed Emilia was the traitor...

Da Azn Dragoon wuz here...
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(4/20/01 9:40:57 pm)
The man watched the blond and dark haired man take a seat at a nearby table and order drinks. He watched them for a few minutes before slinking off in to the shadows and joining two other men at a corner table. His comrades leaned in over the table, whispering.
"About time you returned," one of them growled as the man sat down.
"Miss me?" he sneered.
"Enough!" the third man hissed. "We have a job to do."

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(4/28/01 11:59:06 am)
The mne where here to kill Jack Stiles.They weren't sure how he was,but they had a pretty big hunch,they figured it was that man over at the other table sitting with the blonde women.

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(5/14/01 8:51:42 pm)
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They had a hunch because he was the only one speaking with an American accent.So they went over to the table."Are you Jack Stiles?"asked one man."Who wants to know?"asked Jack cautiously.

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