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Apr 22, 2001
Okay I've taken a quick look through the general discussions thread and I don't think anyone else has started any fave quotes.....sorry if i missed it!

Umm I've only just started paying attention so these are from the first episode UNDER THE NIGHT, I'll be back next week when I've watched the second one!

Dylan: "I can just imagine your toast at my wedding. To Dylan and Sarah, I'm sure you'll both live a long and happy life together. Unless you die."

Rhoday (whilst killing two officers): "I should have trained them better."

Trance: We're exceeding safety protocols.
Becka: That's the general idea.

Harper: I am a God!

Harper: Okay, I would just like to say, for the record, we rule!

Harper: I am in love.
Trance: With a machine. Why am I not surprised.

Okay I'm hoping someone with more experience is gonna help me find some.....please do!

Take care
Maria :star:

Hmm ok this is from memory..:aliengray

Trance: It's pretty
Tyr: It's pretty! Now there is a solid reason for risking our lives. ( A Rose in the Ashes)

Beka: Blood of my blood ( The Pearls that were his eyes)

Dylan: Thats Tyr he likes to party (Music of a distant drum)

There have been some brilliant sayings and some very profound ones too.;)
Let me see...

Trance: Your suppost to be the good guy.
Harper: Correction, standing next to you Beka, Rev, Rommie, Dylain, or umm... anyways, then I'm one of the good guy (yes he says good guy, not good guys), but I didn't spend 20 years on that hellhole we lovingly call Earth by being Santas little helper. I surrived by being the nastiest piece of work that ever clubed someone over the head in the back alley over a hunk of cheese, so place keep pressing that button, get your moneys worth, because then it's going to be the worst day of the end of your life.-"Fear and Lothing in the Milky Way"

Tyr: What is a garadge?-"Unknown"

Harper: Yes!
Beka: We have control of the ship?
Harper: No, we can open the doors.-"Under the Night"
I forgot one...

Note: This took a long time to learn because he says it very softly, and some words may be misspelled, and not correct.

Tyr: If this what she devogises does appear, there is no flying hense nor taraing here.
Harper: Nice, did make that up yourself?-"The Honey Offering"
okay quotes from An Affiriming Flame (Part II)

Rev: The Universe does not always provide what you ask for. The Universe provides what you need.

Harper: If you two want to kill each other, go ahead. Just don't get any blood on my gear.

Harper: Who does he think he is.
Rev: I assume he thinks he's a Neitchian.

Rev: Violence begetts violence.
Harper: Well I say we start begetting.

Harper: Lucky for you I'm a freagging genius.

Dylan (when they're about to be pulled into the black hole for a second time) This has been one long day.

Dylan: Dreams don't die.

Until next week.
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okay I'm back!! If i'm annoying anyone feel free to tell me to stop.


Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those who fail to learn from history correctly. Why they are simply doomed.

Harper: What a popular destination, must be on all the tourist maps.

Dylan: Stay alert. We're short handed enough as it is.

Dylan: You can't get infected by death Magog (sp?). That's a myth.
Harper: I prefere to think of it as a cautionary tale.

Beka: Hello? These kids take one look at you two and you'd be sliced, diced and packed into crate number 527.

Beka: Play basketball in the Hydroponics bay.
Dylan: There's nothing wrong with that.

Trance: The Highguard moves in mysterious ways.

Beka: Harper, we're friends. We have no secrets.
Harper: Okay what's your natural hair colour?
Beka: I can't tell you. It's a secret.

Dylan: If what I say differs from sacred scripture, then what I say is the truth!

Rev: It's a pancreas.
Trance: Oh okay. What's a pancreas?

Dylan: Only God should have that much power.
Tyr: Funny, today that's who you said you were.

Highak (to Trance): All your brains must be in your tail.

Tyr: I can assure you, Dylan and I are not friends

Rommie: Dylan may not be a god, but on this ship . . . I am.

Harper: That is the Andromeda I know, love, and gave human form to.

Harper: Hey don't forget, I created her. Now who's the god?

Rommie: Sir - commonwealth protocol prohibits anything other than a purely professional relationship.

Okay until the next episode.
Maria :star:
that's a good one you should pt it in the fave quotes thread and welcome to ascifi!!
hmmmmm does anyone still read these or am i wasting my time??

'Here is everything i know about war. Somebody wins. Somebody loses. And nothing is ever the same again'.

Tyr: And when the Maqoq release their dreaded bouncing ball attack, we'll make them rue the day.

Harper: is this the part where we bravely run away.

Harper: Just Dylan runnning us straight into a missile attack so we can make friends with the nice people who are shooting at us.

Andromeda: You're a fine commander.
Dylan: maybe 300 yrs ago.

Harper: The universe hates you. Deal with it.

Rev: I will not fire the weapons.
Beka: I coulda told you that.

Harper: I'm doing the best i can.
Tyr: That's not good enough.

Harper: we came, we saw, we got spanked.

Dylan (to Harper) : Sometimes you deserve a kick in the butt but you don't see me doing it.

Tyr: Blind and crippled. If Andromeda were my child I'd cripple it.

Rev: We're entering the upper corona.
Beka: Goodbye firing pan. Hello fire.

Harper: Oh good. insanity I can deal with.

Dylan (inside a star): Just wish we'd come at night.

Dylan: I'm always right..........expect for when I'm wrong.

Beka: Don't get too excited I'm still not calling you sir.
Dylan: then i guess your majesty is out of the question?

Maria :star:
Good quotes.
I am not good at remembering quotes but here is one line I really liked.

Tyr: That's my boy! (Referring to Harper in Season Finale).

I loved this one

I can see that old High Guard fossil hugging her and saying
"Oh Trance it will be ok"

Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way

<snicker> Dylan as a fossil ...LMAO
Hilarious Harper

in a later episode, Geritex tells Harper; "Do you know what the interest is on 11 million? Harper replies; "no...but i can tell you the interest on the 90 thousand that you still owe me!"
I know it!

Harper = Engineer Scott as a cocky teenager and absolutely NO humility... lol
okay i’ve been slacking.......but now all my exams are finished finished finished finished finished finished finished finished finished finished finished finished ......you get the point right?? So now i can concentrate on the really important things in life like these Andromeda Quotes!!

D Minus Zero
Harper: As far as the universe is concerned we’re all bugs. Hopping along, loving life, until one day fate decides to introduce each and every single one of us to our very own personalised windscreen. So yeah maybe Dylan is crazy. Maybe he doesn’t have a chance in hell of rebuilding the commonwealth. And maybe one day something will come along and ‘splat’ him too. But we’re all gonna get ‘splat’ eventually.
Beka: Yeah but you forgot one thing. Dylan is not flying around minding his own business. He’s looking for windscreens.
Harper: Right but with us on his side he just might be the only bug alive tough enough to blast right through.

Double Helix

Andromeda: So when you handled certain parts of me, did you wear gloves??

Tyr: Captain Hunt, you’re blind idealism is gonna get us all killed.
Dylan: Idealism’s gotten me this fair, I must be doing something right.
Tyr: Let’s hope you’re here to pat yourself on the back tommorow.

Rev: Do I not destroy my enemy by turning him into a friend.
Beka: On the bright side, we have sent our well known ambassador of friendship -

Demetri: I am fertile. I can father your children.
Tyr: Not if you’re dead. Now shut up!

Harper (about Tyr): Funny guy.

Harper: We may as well poke our eyes out with knitting needles.

Rhoday: To a Neitchzien, a game is never just a game.

Dylan: Love is like MAGIC
Rhoday: There is no magic, only science you don’t understand. (does this guy remind anyone of Scully?? :D)

Rhoday: It’s only cheating if you get caught.

Rhoday: Everything in our life is a sexually charged negotation.

Tyr: I’m proud of you.
Dylan: Why?
Tyr: Because now you’re thinking like a Neitchzien.
Dylan: If I were thinking like a Neitchzien, I’d kill you!

Angel Dark, Demon Bright

Tyr: Don’t fight the stream.
Trance: It started it!

Dylan: Trance! I know you’re in here.
Trance: You do? How?
Dylan: Uhh actaully I was bluffing.
Trance: Oh. I always fall for that one. I always fall for everything.

Haper: We know how the next three hundred years are going to turn out.
Rev: Badly!

Dylan: God bless the Neitchziens! Where would the Commonwealth be without them?

Andromeda: I’m a warship and I don’t like walking away from a fight.

Harper: No one beats us humans when it comes to nasties.

Dylan: Slipstream. It’s not the best way to travel faster than light. It’s just the ONLY way.

Harper: Unless you can get the Neitchziens to politely line up to be executed.
Dylan: I’ll see what I can do.

Harper: Harper saves the world. Take one.

The Ties that Blind
Trance: Compared to baking, brain surgery is a snap.

Serenity: The Universe is my healer.
Trance: Trust me nanobots are more reliable.

Dylan: Hey I’m 342 years old. Anything’s possible.

Trance: Or I’m going to hit you.
Tyr: Don’t forget to heehaa!

*The ‘real’ Rommie and the ‘holographic’ Rommie are arguing.*
Dylan: Talking to yourself is the first sign of mental collapse.

Dylan(about Rafe): What do you think? Can we depend on him?
Beka: He’s a Valentine.
Dylan: So you see my problem........?

Rafe: You’re Dylan Hunt is a devious human.
Beka: I knew you’d like him.

Beka: Rafe Valentine gets spiritual, suddenly reuniting the commonwealth doesn’t seem so farfetched.

Okay I still have one more episode to do until I catch up with Sky One, I’ve just had my fill of Andromeda for the day....so tommorow. *fingers crossed*

Maria :star:
The Banks of the Lethe

We say atoms are bound by weak attractors. Why not admit the truth: The Universe is held together by Love.

Dylan: I like them.
Beka: Yeah but you like everyone. Even people who try to kill you, especially people who try to kill you!

Sara: That if I ever met you, I’d end up either falling in love with you or killing you.
Dylan: Ahhh I have that effect.

Beka: That’s one of Trance’s planets. She loves them. She gives them names!
Harper: Trust in the Harper. The Harper is good.

Dylan’s message to Sara: “Dear Sara, In the past few hours I’ve tried.....I’ve tried eleven different ways to say goodbye to you. And in the process I’ve discovered something..........I can’t........I miss you Sara. And I think of you every day. Everything I know about love, I learnt from you. Even in my darkest moments, it’s your love that gives me strenght to continue. So no matter what happens or where i go, a part of me will be with you. I love you Sara. I’ll always love you." (sorry but the shipper in me just couldn’t resist! :D)

Harper: Call me the Love God baby.

Dylan: I can’t wait to see the look on my face when you pull me out of there.

Harper: Let me introduce myself. Seamus Elatiny Harper. Supergenius!

Dylan: Sara is my commonwealth.

Beka: All of us feel guilty for something. It’s called life. It hurts. It’s not fair. That’s not a reason to die.
A Rose in the Ashes
The truest measure of a society is how it treats it’s eldest, it’s pets and it’s prisoners.

Trance: What about Dylan?
Tyr: We can’t help him if we’re dead!
Harper: And Dylan can take care of himself.
*cut to Dylan getting pummelled by Zacs*

Harper: Trance, the last time I gave you a weapon, you started a chain reaction!

Dylan (about Rommie): She’s not my girlfriend. (sorry to all the D/A shippers!)

Jessa: You sure do have some warm fuzzy ideas about convicted felons.

Tyr: I can usually spot a planet. They’re large. I have good eyes. :D

Tyr: It’s pretty?? Now there’s a solid reason to risk our lives.

Jessa: You may torture me if you like but PLEASE don’t insult me.

Kellien: The system isn’t broken. It’s working exactly the way the want it to.
Dylan: Well in that case let’s break it!
Kellien: Now you’re talking my language.

Tyr: Dylan!
Beka: You know, I’m starting to like that guy! :D

Dylan: That’s a one in a million shot.
Trance: No it was only one in 348.
Dylan: Oh is that all it was!


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