Does anybody know where you can find the lyrics to the Xena cds?


May 2, 2001
Hey do any of you little xenites know where you can find the lyrics to the xena cds. I have a pretty voice and I love to sing. Most of the time I have to just hum along because I don't know the words. Thanks:D

I didn't know there was a site for that! I just listened to them over and over till I learned it!

Learned both "Lyre Lyre" and "Bitter Suite" by doing it that way! :)
;) Hey missferal,

Thanks for the lyric adresses!! Now I can know what I am singing while I am washing dishes!!! :blush:

See Ya!!!!
I've been learning them the old fashion way too... listen to it enough times and eventually I remember. :D

The Bitter Suite lyrics come with the CD. Also, the Xena/Draco rap from Lyre, Lyre is contained with that CD as well.

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