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Jul 27, 2006
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Re: Brent Spiner Comments On Star Trek: Nemesis's Failure And Views On Fans

I'd always hear that Brent wasnt a very nice person despite his characters. I always thought I detected a hint of glee when he played any malicious scenes.


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Dec 15, 2006
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Re: Brent Spiner Comments On Star Trek: Nemesis's Failure And Views On Fans

ooh, I'm gutted! I always liked Brent Spiner :(

Nemesis was phenomenally atrocious though, but all the advance stuff didn't rally make you want to go and see it, did it? I remember watching a special on TV and thinking that Jean-Luc's clone wasn't very like him for someone with the same dna pattern. And when I actually watched it, I couldn't be bothered to try and follow the (lack of) plot.

It's so unfair to blame this on the fans, as Trekkers are some of the most loyal fans in fandom. Blame it on a badly concieved and executed plot which should have been blasted into deep space.

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Jul 11, 2007
Re: So, er, what were Nemesis' strong points?

I am fed up of Nemesis (and while I'm on the subject - Enterprise) bashing!!!

No-one can get it right every time. There is only one movie in the Trek 10 that I find difficult to watch through lack of enjoyment and that is the first. Even that has some pretty damn good points.

There is nothing so badly wrong with Nemesis. I think a lot of people were expecting something different and are overly critical. It was engaging, fast paced, dynamic in both storytelling and character development and it had some of the most memorable action sequences in any film.

Ian8781 had it right when he said "The only thing that went wrong with Nemesis is that is was released alongside Bond#20 and Harry Potter#3". It should have been released at another time when it had less high-profile competition.

It's certainly not the best film and does make some mistakes, but it's just a film! There are many aspects about the whole Star Trek canon which imho the producers have got dead wrong - but the more people complain and criticise, the more likely it is that the series will be cancelled altogether.

Does anyone really want this?

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Oct 20, 2008
Just saw it again, on TV, and it can be quite corny - Jean Luc Picard whining about how he would have lived his life if he had been in a Romulan salt mine. Well, no one can really answer that, and, to have a senior Captain showing angst of this kind, well, maybe the franchise deserves a rest.


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Jun 29, 2014
I would gig tis film a B Plus. Didn't like Shinzon.