Season 1 Videos Coming


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Feb 13, 2001
:rolly2: :p
Hey all you Aussies looking for Season 1 videos, I just came back from a great little shop in Adelaide called Movie Maniacs who rang there supplier, who told them that MGM are thinking of re-releasing season 1 in box sets in late October and if they get a few interested takers the shop is prepared to reduce the price as they can order extra in for a cheaper price.
email them at or ph (08) 82325338 and if you live in Adelaide the shop is in the Citi Centre Arcade Rundle Mall.( I had the net address posted but it wasn't working so I took it off)
The more that are interested the better the price.......they also have heaps of other great stuff in the shop as well.
Hope this is useful to people.:alienooh: :evil:

thanks seand, come down into the aussie section and post a bit!!! u live in adelaide right?? i live in whyalla!!!!

this might not seem like big news to people outside of australia, however the season one vids all sold out ver quickly and then they stopped making them so many poeple missed out (except me, thanks padders :))
Martouf :rolly2:
We are almost neighbours.......I live in Roxby Downs.....not far from you.(only 3 hrs drive!!!!!)
You ARE lucky you got season 1 Vids....I have been looking for ages and when this shop told me they will be getting them I nearly fell over.......I only walked in there while my partner was in the lady's room......thank GOD they always need to visit one when you are out!!!.
I will venture down to the Aussie pages soon.......I promise. We can all complain about Central Seven and there lack of sympathy towards us gater fans.....when will they start to show the next series?????

seand ;) ;)
you have GOT to come in our section!!!!!

you will find out all the answers and more!!!!

just start a new thread, no wait i will start a new thread welcomming you!!!!!!
Gosh!!!! :D

Excitable, isn't he!!!!! :D :D :D

Seand, come and visit us in our mad corner of a madder world. Marty was as good as his promise. He's started a thread for you in the aussie section. You'll see that it's one of the most active areas (most of the time).

As Marty's sig says - "stay awhile you'll be glad you did"

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