I Met Renee Today

Small Mel

Moderator Chick-a-dee
Nov 13, 2000
Hey Xena Fans!

I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time here in Auckland, New Zealand.

I was working at my mums store this afternoon and low and behold Renee herself walks up to the counter and asked me for a product we sell. It was a pity they're not made anymore! :)

Knowing shes a bit fame shy I quietly asked if she could autograph a piece of paper for me before she left.

She was very happy too and went quietly on her way.

Hopefully I can get my friend to scan it for me and I'll post the autograph here on the Xena forum.

I'm also happy to say she looked radiant! And she definately had a pregnant womans glow!

:rolly2: Mel
Please don't leave us hanging there.

What is the name of your mom's store?
What did ROC as for?
Does she look preggers yet?
Where in Auckland is your mom's store?

Wishing I lived in New Zealand.

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