After 'Return of the Jedi'


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Apr 4, 2001
:cool: Does anyone think they will ever make the three remaining films in the Starwars series. Would they use the novels from the expanded Universe or go another way.
Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford and Co. would be at the right age now to make these films.
Any views???

:) Fox
I have never heard the story-lines for the third trilogy. I assumed that they would be set much further into the future, long after Luke, Han & Co. were dead. If you have the basic plots would you like to post them here?

Whether they are made or not will be down to how much money Episodes 2 & 3 make really.
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While it is true that the actors are now at the perfect age to film the three sequels, Lucas is taking too long just to film the prequels. Also, I don't think Harrison Ford, et al, are very interested in reprising those roles.

And, I'm not entirely convinced there was ever a nine-movie series in Lucas' mind; I think he made all that up after Star Wars become a hit.

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing a TV series based on the X-Wing novels.
Being around long enough to remember the original release of Star Wars, I can only say that that was the story that I heard back then, and I always believed it.

I have just found this:

"1975 -- George Lucas conceives of and writes the basic story of Anakin Skywalker's rise, fall and ultimate redemption. This story becomes too large for one film and Lucas divides the story into two trilogies. The first trilogy focuses on the life of a young Anakin Skywalker while the second trilogy focuses on the life of Anakin's son, Luke Skywalker. Lucas chooses to make the second trilogy first since it appears to be the most exciting one to film at the time."

I've definitely heard that story a few times, and there is also supposedly an episode VII:

But whether he had ideas for 8 & 9, we would have to ask him!
I'm sorry I can't remember where or when I saw it, but Lucas said in an interview that he was not going to do any sequels. That he was finishing with the 6 movies. I figure that makes sense what with the newest books really filling the role of very detailed sequels.

Of course this doesn't mean that Lucas can't (or won't) change his mind in the future! :lol:

yeah i heard the same thing, but if they do decide to make a third trilogy then i think that they will have to follow the novels, or they will **** off most of there hardcore fans
I have read quite a few suggestions in various places on the net that what they should do is follow the Timothy Zahn-penned Admiral Thrawn trilogy. I would go for that, it is certainly a big enough story, with a great cast of villians.
After reading your posts and doing a bit of research I can concur that Lucas has stated that there will only be the six movies, a shame for the legions of fans around the world. But this is not to say he (lucas) will not franchise out the StarWars theme to someone else say for a TV prog or possibly a movie based on the NJO. Who knows what the future of SW will be after the release of Epi 3, It could be another 30 years down the line.
I can totally see that. There have been some spurious rumours that the cast from the original trilogy have been asked to keep some time free in ten years or so, but this seems unlikely considering their ages - and Lucas's!

I definitely feel that there would be such a demand for new material based on the Star Wars universe that it would be difficult for Lucas to resist signing on the dotted line for someone to take the ball and run with it - whether in the form of tv or further movies, under someone else's creative control.
hmm a series on the NJOs that would be great, it would shatter fans images of the SW universe as being a place were none of the main charecter die and good always prevails :D :rolly2:
To my knowledge, every book, or graphic novel, or cartoon etc has to go through Lucasfilm. Basically writers have to submit work to Lucasfilm to get it approved by George or his team before they can publish. This also helps to keep the timeline and ensure all the seperate stories work together.

George has always stated (before he started the prequals) that they can have all the space after Return of the Jedi, and anything in between the first three films. But he always researved the timeline of the prequals for himself. It was clear he had no interest in more sequals. (sadly)
yeah its sad, Star Wars is dying slowly but surley, its so sad:( i think they need to come up with more novels on the war between the empire and New republic:) thoose were always my fave:rolly2:
George Lucas may have said that he will never make sequels, but there is that old adage "never say never again."

George Lucas has stated that he doesn't want to be known only for making 'Star Wars'. He probably secretly envies Stephen Speiberg being able to work in almost any genre, while he is still seen as a scifi director.

But I think that 'Star Wars' will still be watched long after many of Speilberg's offerings are forgotten. And Lucas may be rich now, but in the future when he has bills to pay, who knows?
Its true that Star wars may be dying as timdgreat said, and lord knows there are a lot of unhappy fans out there. But what I think everyone forgets is the impact Star Wars had originally. It was one of those rare films that 'Pushed the envelope' of film making. It created a new look, feel, style and even re-created the genre. These sorts of films come along all too rarely ( others would include 2001 space oddesy, the original Planet of the Apes, Close Encouters, Jurassic park, the Matrix, Lord of the Rings etc )

Basically they are films that change the way we think of film or change the technology dramatically and force film makers to re-think the way they make films. The original Star Wars did this, and as a kid at the time, there is no doubt that it changed my life.

I think the reason why people are dissapointed is that the new prequals don quite live up to that. I've heard all sorts of comments from fans and many of them are totally rubbishing the new films. Personally, although I agree that they are not quite as good as the originals, I think they have still opened a few new doors in film that people forget about. One thing would be the ability to have completely C.G characters. Whether you love Binks or hate him, it was a blueprint that others have since tried to emulate. On a technology side I think where Lucas comes into his own is with the clout he has with large industries. Like how many directors, in all honesty, would have the stature to completely re-invent film cameras with a company like Sony. Between them they created the first totally digital cameras which again has changed the industry completely. So although the films may not live up to peoples expectations, I think Lucas has once again tried to 'Push the envelope' and I think he deserves some credit.
According to Dark Horizons, after Episode III is shown there will be two TV series developed. George Lucas appeared at the 'Star Wars Celebration III' fan convention and told them that there would be both a half hour 3-D computer animated series, and a live action series starring some supporting characters featured in the movies.

Production on the live action show would begin in about a year and unlike other shows, all the scripts for every episode will be done first and then shooting will happen in one big block. Lucas himself would handle at least the pilot. Judging by this timetable it would probably start airing sometime 2007.

There is no detail on the plots or on which characters would appear; or whether they would use EU book and comic storylines, but that would seem likely to me.
the idea of a couple of tv series is interesting but im afraid im gonna have to keep my enthusasim in check because i feel that they may be a big let down, we will just have to see.

the good thing though is that they are going to concentrate on the lesser charecters of the movies rather then just continuing the story of the main charecters:rolly2:
Originally posted by timdgreat
the good thing though is that they are going to concentrate on the lesser charecters of the movies rather then just continuing the story of the main charecters
This was in 'The Times' today and that is exactly what they said they would do. It wouldn't be set after RotJ, but between the two trilogies and would tell the stories of lesser charcters. It is compared to 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles'. They mentioned Grand Moff Takin, Plo Koon, Chancellor Finis Valorum and some other characters, but I've forgotten who now.