What if....? 'Timeship' concept rather than 'Retro'.


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Jan 5, 2001
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I was just thinking that if it wasn't this "Retro-Trek" as Mythinglink has called it, but the future 'Timeship' concept idea instead, with a Captain Braxton-like character, where would you like a 'Timeship' to visit instead? There are so many ideas.

1) The Klingon First Contact scenerio, discussed already.

2) Starfleet Academy in the Kirk/Finnegan, Spock and McCoy era - Macavitycat has just posted that this would be their choice, but it has always been a Fan favourite.

3) My own choice would be to see the origin of 'species one' a.k.a. the Borg. This would be a great story.

4) Vulcan in the days of the Romulan reformation and Surak, their great philosopher. In 'Death Wish' they said that a Q had something to do with the Vulcan/Romulan schism.

5) Qo'nos - either the Hur'q invasion of the Klingon homeworld when they stole the 'Sword of Kahless', or else the actual time of the ascendance of Kahless the Unforgetable.

6) The nuclear holocaust on Earth prior to 'First Contact', with a genocidal war led by Colonel Green.

They could go back anywhere in Earth history or to the future. The ideas are endless.

Anyone got any other ideas?
Interesting Concept

:cool: Hey good idea.
They could visit all the time periods already occupied by the other series' with various cameo roles from previous characters.

We could find out more about the Enterprise 'C' . Surely theres more than just one trip into space, sucked into a timeslip, see ya, for them.

I'd like to find out just how Earth turned into the Federation after First Contact. A greater role for Zefram Cochrane.

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Miles an Miles of scope here.... I for one would love to know more about the enterprise C.. Rachel garrat... and maybe go into the future and see more about the borg... and how earth is doing.... maybe bring in Ben sisko ???
Timeship Ideas

I think the idea of exploring the origins of the Borg could make for some truly fascinating episodes.

I also wouldn't mind watching a trip back in time to an early point in Vulcan development----back to when they were still emotional and violent.

More importantly, I'd only like to see these ideas explored if the writers make the time and effort to do it properly. I would hate to see mediocre writing screw up ST 'history/continuity'. If it can't be done well, it would be better to leave the specifics to the imagination. Same goes for any storylines set WAAAY in the future.

For example an episode of ST: VOY sticks in my mind. (Sorry---can't remember the name right now----I'll look it up, or maybe someone else will remember.) It is the ep that deals with Tom Paris breaking the Warp 10 barrier. I thought this particular topic had great potential. What are the consequences of exceeding Warp 10? What is it like to occupy an infinite number of points in spacetime simultaneously, etc. Actually, the episode was off to a great start and was interesting, and then...one of those famous VOY let-down endings. I don't mean to offend anyone, in case that ep was a particular fave of anyone's, but IMO the ending was not just disappointing, it was, well...stupid. I mean, as a consequence of the flight, Paris is supposedly undergoing in a short time what amounts to years and years of human evolution, and the best ending the writers could come up with is...??Janeway and Paris as glorified lizard/eel thingies mucking about in slime, having lizard/eel thingy babies???!?? I don't mean to be offensive, but it just seemed like a waste of a topic that could have made for a classic episode.

So, maybe I digressed off topic a bit, but my point is that I'd hate to see good ideas wasted.

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I agree with you about that episode - 'Threshold'. You are not alone either, it is not a fan favourite!

It was actually a Brannon Braga teleplay. I usually like his stories, and I like what he has done with Voyager. He must have got a lot of negative mail about it because I read something where he was trying to defend it -- along the lines of -- we didn't understand what he was trying to do.

The changing of the history/continuity is my main concern about this new series though. I really hope it is good, otherwise it may be the end of Star Trek!

On the otherhand, it would be very easy to churn out another predictable series set 20 years after Voyager, so I'm glad they are trying something different.
ok some of you may have read my idea in the should sulu have his own series but the idea of the timeship is brilliant then they can be unrestrained and there would also be more of a chance to find out about the 29th century technology and federation
a cool one for them to do would be showing how the federation mastered time travel, ie how they got from the sllingshot round a planet etc to "set temperal co-ordinates"... maybe a few mishaps along the way...
do like the idea of exploring the time travel stuff... as i said there are loads of scope if they do a timeship series
well we now know the answer..... really unsure about scot bakula in trek ??? sorry just me
I meant the next series after "Enterprise".. They usually have 2 shows running at once after a couple of years...

I dunno about Bakula either, but i'll wait and see...I thought he was old in Qualntum Leap, but apparently he's no older than the other captains we've had...
I thought that about BAkula... I awlays looked at quantum leap being made in the 70's and he was old then... LOL

But as you said picard was not that young and janeway wasn;t either.. well we shall soon see
we shall... dunno how long it'll take for us to get the new show in the Uk though :(

I'm sure we'll get to see plenty of snippets and piccys of what it all looks like though...
Well i have been getting the latest episodes of Voyager on CD and i have been told you will be able to get the next series on cd as well from the US....
the quality is dam good... pic is clear and sound is digital quality.. Its not a vcd but DIVX... not sure exactly what it i but for £6 for three episodes i am happy
No its not from a web site.....

Have just watched the last four episodes today... and the new Enterprise pilot is gonna be available in August / Sept

PM me if u want his details