4.15: Chain Reaction

all I can say is"WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNE",I set the VCR to record and recorded the old one instead of the new one.......... :(
OH, COFFEECUP YOU HAVE A RIGHT OT WHINE! Some good Teal'c reaction!

Skydiver. I know that Don Davis was born in 1942 so I figured that Hammond was a similar age. And that plays right because of 1969.

I loved the Ideas of changing Hammond and Bauer but the SGC might not have lasted if Bauer was in charge. Vidrene on the other hand...
Actually, Bauer strikes me as a commander who is accustomef to saying, "I want that hill," and throwing as many marines at it, no matter how many will die, until he gets it.
very very true. he's a real dang the torpedoes and full speed ahead kinda guy. to heck with the cost, who cares maj waite died, i tested my bomb by golly. notice how he wasn't going to tell the prez until he knew it was hitting the point of no return. hammond woulda been on the red phone the moment the gate wouldn't disengage.
then again, hammond wouldnt' have let them blow the thing up until he knew exactly what it was going to do.

coffee, do you need a dub? i know i got it on tape, mainly cause i've watched it twice already.
Notice how he was going to tell the President from topside. Jerk.
not only was he going to tell the prez from topside...he waited until it was clear he was going to have to tell the prez. hammond woulda called the big guy as soon as they couldn't shut the gate down(assuming of course george was stupid enough to detonate the thing) bauer waited until it was clear he couldn't sweep it under the proverbial rug.

btw, speaking of calling the prez, anybody notice which phone harry called on...hammond picked up the red phone, you know the one that he uses to call the prez. so...harry has those secret little numbers handy? very interesting.
Wasn't it sthe same one he talked to Kayla on in"Crystal Skull"? (But I like skydiver's comment about Harry knowing all the best numbers!
What I want to know is what did Jack tell the President in order to get Maybourne released and what are the possible consequences of that call?

Did you all get the look on Jack's face when Hammond handed him the phone and said "It's for you."? Can you imagine what was going through his mind when he thought that the President wanted to talk him? :D

ummmm maybe that the brown stuff was really gonna hit the fan now.

what i want to know is jack said 'airforce one and i go way back'...wonder what he meant by that?
were they roomies in college? maybe jack walked into the oval office one day and... i dunno just caught my attention that's all
dI hope it is more of a friendship thing but lately we never know (except Slick Willie got published upon) and they have dug up more dirt on JR. than should have been!

Makes you wonder if Kinsey had alot of dirt on alot of people, (MY guess yes) and used it to put himself in the kingmaker slot and then the king slot!
What did everyone think of this episode?

I thought it was great. It's now in my top three after SL and A Matter of Time.

I think I actually LIKED Maybourne in this ep!
it was good. showed jack as a bit of a saavy guy, who apparantly has friends in high places...and just how much he likes george.
also reveals just how dangerous the gate can be, from our end. there is endless conspiracy possibilities...
Loved it, too.

It was great to see Jack operating as he must have when he was black-ops. And not only was Maybourne (almost) sympathetic, but this episode made his character a lot more interesting. Another nice thing was that both story lines were intersting and really well done. It was fun watching Sam be a scientist again, and watching Daniel try to play office politics with Bauer.

It also had some really funny lines, like

Jack, upon seeing Maybourne's safehouse - Have you even HEARD of IKEA?
"How is that beer and mustard diet working for you?"

Can't remeber the exact lines, (paraphrasing here) but when Hammond asks what he can do to thank Jack, Jack replies 'Continued patience, latitude, and understanding sir....and one day I might ask you to buy my soul back". That was wonderful.

But I still haven't gotten over seeing Maybourne in a Hawaiian print shirt --- shudders!
Definately one of my favs.
And, though I like the twist with Meybourne's character, that leaves me yet another baddie short for my fanfics! Hathor, Sokar, now Meybourne? I may actually have to get creative here--urgh!
Liked the 'other' side of Jack, 'bout time they let that show.
hehehe, this ep was real kool! jack was really kool with his whle caring attitude etc, lol. and Maybourne ROCKED!! lol, i used to HATE him, but this twist of character rulz!

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