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Jul 21, 2000
thanks both of you. People are very welcome to use the forum when the xena forum closes down. I don't think i am going to ask studio-use for the post data again for a couple of reasons. Firstly the nevre acknowledge even receiving my emails so doubt that are interested as it is and secondly i got just 1 or 2 few too many emails from people who had some problem with me wanting the data, claiming copyright on their posts or that i just wanted to make money out of fans blah de blah. As i say i am very happy for as many of you to come over and use the forum and that is why mythinglink (our co-admin) set up the extra forums for you but i don't think i will be asking for the data again.

Capt. Hook

Dreamer of Ares
May 16, 2001
Hi padders, and MythingLink,

I wandered over from the nutforum. I like it here. I think I will visit often.
Thank you for the invite.:D


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