SG-1 not in new film!

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So the film that i and i'm sure most of you have been waiting for and which i hoped and anticipated would have SG-1 in it is now going to rely on KURT RUSSELL and JAMES SPADER.

What a disservice to SG-1.

What the **** were the MGM execs smoking when they made that decision.

There gonna ruin it.

Oh dear. *bows head*

Let's march on the MGM headquaters, sitdown protests, this will not be tolerated.

Ok, i'll calm down a bit.

Hmmm sounds a bit unlikely. The original film was made what 8 or 10 years ago? Kurt Russell didnt exactly look young then! Ok so maybe he would be more of a "Hammond" figure this time, with younger men doing all the action.
But is he really likely to want to repraise that role? The film was a success as sci fi films go but the popularity of the tv series is much bigger. Even friends of mine (other mothers with no interest in sci fi shows or such like) have heard of the tv show, but they know nothing of the film.
I seriously doubt Kurt Russell and James Spader would willingly leave themselves open to all the fan critiscm over who played the role best. Especially since they have just 2 hours to win fans over and the cast of sg1 have had 700+ hours.
Originally posted by DragonBaby
Especially since they have just 2 hours to win fans over and the cast of sg1 have had 700+ hours.
That must be a mis-type: seven series is 153 episodes, at 42 minutes of show each... less than 108 hours....
Emmerich and Devlin have been moaning about this for years. They really wanted to make a trilogy, but MGM devolped the property for TV and they are sore about it.

I will eat my shoe if MGM makes a Stargate II movie that disregards SG-1. That kind of thing is unheard of. It's just Emmerich/Devlin's wet dream.
I've always wanted to know in what direction their trilogy would have headed, if not in the "multiple planets" direction.
Don't be too 'DEVESTATED' over these comments. Check the dates of the posts in this thread. This is a very old thread indeed.

Like PTeppic:
I've always wanted to know in what direction their trilogy would have headed
but I can't see us ever finding that out now.

If there is ever a second Stargate film it would be an SG-1 film.
Those with sky or free view in the UK..Stargate the movie is on this evening 20:05pm on BBC3...just thought you'd like to know.

I will be watching it...AGAIN:D

If they're going to make a second movie, logically it has to SG1 in it... main stream tv viewers will have dipped in and out of the series over the years, they too would be confused if they went back to Kurt Russell and James Spader.....who are both gorgous by the way....
I know this thread is old, but the funny thing is - I just read something from Emmerich and Devlin where they are now thinking, again, of reprising their 'trilogy' and still following with what they had had in mind.

From what I understand, their idea was to go with 'other cultures' and not follow so much with the Egyptian mythology n' stuff.

The ONLY way I could see this working at all, is for them to incorporate the Quantum Mirror somehow to keep the two canon lines 'meshed' as seamlessly as possible, giving a nod to the TV show that made the movie MORE popular than it had been initially, while also not disregarding 10 years of stories, but also going ahead with their own original ideas.

The two canons CAN function simultaneously, but completely ignoring the TV show to continue with movies like the show never happened is a BAD plan and will ultimately result in fan resentment toward Emmerich and Devlin. B/c - just b/c they didn't like what the writers/producers did with the show, doesn't mean that what the show PTBs did was "wrong" - just different.

Emmerich and Devlin need to follow the 'catch more flies with honey than vinegar' approach and not alienate the HUGE fanbase they could adopt by doing their 'trilogy' the right way. ;)
Maybe with the cancelation of SG-1 the time is now right.

I must admit, I would have loved to see a Stargate sequel with Kurt Russell, but it was never to be, and after having seen him squeezed into spandex in 'Sky High' I would have to agree with DragonBaby about his age.

Interesting idea about using the 'Quantum Mirror' somehow, but I'm not sure about it myself; it seems too contrived. I'd rather they had just done their own version back then. We already have different versions of other character's and universes in film and TV - James Bond, Batman, Superman, Doctor Who - not to mention endless remakes of films. If you go back further, Hollywood was for ever rewriting the stories of Frankenstein's Monster, the Werewolf, the Mummy and Dracula. So I'm not sure you are right that fans would resent it - maybe 5 years ago, but now they would accept it better.
Lets hear it for them doing the right thing and making 2 not 1...but 2! Stargate SG1 movies!:D

Ark of Truth and Continuum!​

Continuum due to be released this month!

I'm sure we all agree that Kurt Russell and James Spader did a great job getting the ball rolling with their versions of O'Neill and Jackson, But Richard Dean Anderson and Micheal Shanks picked it up and ran with it.

The relationship that has grown between the 2 of them, and the charecter development since the original movie, would have made going back to the originals awkward to say the least.

And lets not forget about Sam and Teal'c! After ten years with them, for me at least, Stargate isn't Stargate without them.:D
Yeah I know I was loving it.:) I have been watching sincee they was on Showtime and the movies was a good turn. Most people didnt like the way it was going(not me) butim sure there will be more.:)

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