most hated character and scene of S4

maybe she looked good back then (probably a soft light on her or something) and she did call the dudes in black when she sensed trouble
I'm gonna have to cast my vote for that dreaded Anisa/Freya person/thing, or Tok'ra Spice as I've heard she's been called. She looks like she's wearing an apricot Fruit Rollup for Pete's sake! Isn't she cold? I mean the tok'ra guys all wear layers and layers of clothing and she's in a miniskirt!
Originally posted by Sandman
. She looks like she's wearing an apricot Fruit Rollup for Pete's sake!

LOL. I always thought it kinda looked like beef jerky, myself.
Hey, Sandman, welcome to another SoCal person. Actually, I'm really "SoCal" - as in fight on.
Big lol!!!!!:circle: :blpaw: :disturbed :hjbigeyes :flash: :eek4:
Originally posted by shiloh

And I nominate Mrs Kinsey, for being to darned stupid not to recognize "Starsky and Hutch" - - - what a nimrod!

At first i thought so, too. but did you see Mrs. Kinsey's face as she watched them go up the stairs. (shivers in fear) I think perhaps she's smarter than she lets on. I would love to see her as a bad guy, er, gal in season five. Perhaps the senator is merely her pawn and doesn't know it. or, than maybe i'm reading way too much into it. anyway, i think she'd make a great villain/ness because she seems so innocent and naive.
I thought Mrs Kinsey was a tad more evil than her husband too! As for not recognising Starsky and Hutch, she would be too highbrow to have watched anything like that on TV, which is possibly why Jack used them!

:rolly2: :p :evil:
Oh, i know , and i have this whole fic about her devious plottings, only it fizzled on about page 15 and is currently going absolutely nowhere. :(
sandman, do you mind if i use a plotting mrs kinsey?

i was writing a fic with someone getting even with sg-1 and when you mentioned that i had an idea but i won't use it if you want to keep the idea.
Oh, gee, my story ran along those lines, but at this point i'm not sure that i'll ever actually get it finished. So i guess you can have a go with her. Have a very early, very merry Christmas or something.

maybe this is the kind of motivation i needed.
hey sandman, write yours too...i was just looking for a little character to have a reason to pick on sg-1...and plot bunnies are good to share...looked on helio lately? there are several 'sam goes blind' fic, danny in a wheel chair, grand conspiracy theories...all written around the same time.

i'd love to read yours when you get it done. it'll probably be lots more interesting than mine.(i'm just looking for a slightly plausible reason to whump on them)
Urgh! my blasted filtering system has blocked me from heliopolis! that nasty beast named Bess--stupid dog. anyway, for like four months i haven't been able to visit that site and have been forced to commute to the local library to use their computers. but i have to read them there or pay fifteen cent per page to print (and we're talking mega bucks here for some stories) and i can only be on the computers for a half an hour at a time :(:(:(:(

any way i'll stop whining about that and say good luck with your story

here's an idea, why don't you 'save as' the pages either as html docs or cut and paste into a word doc then save them to disk to take home & read at your leisure?

i use the 'save as' feature all the time to save something to my hard drive that i don't want to burn internet time reading live.
I cut and paste at home but either it's disabled at the library or i'm just really lame and can't figure out how to get around it. and i can't use disks there. :mad:
oh, well, my next goal (after my stargate dvds--even if i don't actually have a dvd player) is to spend no matter how much $ to get the darn computer fixed. and then i will be in heaven with my stargate fanfiction, stargate dvds and all my other stargate paraphenalia.:D
:evil: :dead: ive always hated anise/freya. i totally agree that she is evil and i think that she and sam should have a chick fight. Sam would beat the tok'ra 'hathor wannabe' blindfolded and with 1 hand tied behind her back!

Die Anise Die!
I really hate Anise/ Freya, and Martouf, they were kinda sneaky, and you couldn't trust them.
I think you guys are right about Ms Kinsey, she looked evil, and sneaky.

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