What do you want to write about?


Alex Cy'ane or Xir?
Oct 2, 2003
Nova Scotia
Ugh. I know i'm going to sound like a sap, but I like to write about how one person; a loved one, a lover (completely different in my eyes), a family member(yet again different in my eyes from a loved one), an enemy, etc. can change the outcome of the world, events, etc. Usually a lover. Then I set it in a fantasy world, where gods may play a role. I always mention them, but may never use them because a character may not believe in them. Also, the mentioning of gods is show how much I think of the catholic religion.

But the one person being able to change the lives of so many, but only doing something stupid.(wrong place, wrong time)

Politics bore me for the most part, I never mention them.

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