4.11: Lost Generation


Former Ascifi.com mod
Dec 28, 2000
Manchester, UK
watched this one this weekend...once again showing that the Taelons are doing stuff to humans in secret, and that they may have secretly made women infirtile so make them go to the New Life Centers and get genetically modified kids instead...
I saw the end of that - I keep 4getting that it's on, 'cvos I'm not used to that slot! I had loadsa questions, but they seem to have escaped me for now... I'm sure they'll come back l8r...:rolleyes: :aliengray
i know what you mean :( I actually remembered this week for once, and I remembered SG1 on Sunday as well :)
not bad going since I had to escape mothers day to watch that :D
:cool: My sista always reminds me that SG's on, then I have a heart attack cos I haven't got the tape ready...
i hate the new time slot they've given e.f.c. i either forget it's on or i miss the first 1/2 hr of it, but did manage to see all of this weeks episode, that zo'or is so bad, and what is sandival up to...peachy:D
I was readin a transcript of an interview with Von Flores, and he seems like he has a sense of humour! Either that or he's really snide...:aliengray
since i like to see the good in people, i'd go with sence of humour (haha)...peachy;)

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