Episode VI : Return of the Jedi.


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Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) 132 Minutes.


Was going to be 'Revenge of the Jedi' but of course Jedi do not seek revenge.

It's good, but not nearly as good as the first two. Like many others, I didn't like the Ewoks, which still look like Teddy bears to me. Originally, they were going to be Wookies, but supposedly they couldn't find enough six foot tall men. It was definitely aimed at a younger audience. It could also be that Darth Vaders true identity is revealed and we feel sympathy for him instead of just loathing.
But we must remember that compared to Jar Jar Binks and his little friends, the Ewoks seem like a wondeful idea! LOL

I always liked everything about TRotJ *except* the Ewoks... had they been Wookies, or something else instead... this movie would have been up there with the first two.

And, as everyone says, what do we think of an Empire which can be toppled by a bunch of primative bears? *eg*
okay the Ewoks were pretty lame, but the whole interaction between the Emperor, Vader and Luke makes this a very cool film if you ask me...
Yes this was an extremely cool film. If you ask me I thought that it was the best of the Star Wars films that have come out so far.
What does everybody have against the ewoks? I thought they introduced a lighter note, brought a little humour into the film. Also, they're cute! Not all aliens are going to be big and scary.
Originally posted by little smaug
Not all aliens are going to be big and scary.
Good point well made.

I think the reason most people were irritated by the Ewoks is that they seemed to be an effort to lower the age group at which the series was focused. Especially considering how dark and depressing the previous installment had been. Jedi just came across like a bit of a cop out.
I liked the ewoks. It's kind of disturbing to think that such a powerful military army could be brought down in a battle by little tree-rat things. :cool:
The Ewoks weren't that important!

I just watched this again after a long while, and I still think it is unlikely that Ewoks armed only with rocks and pointed sticks could defeat the Emperor's elite men on Endor, but that would be only the start of the Empire's defeat.

'Return of the Jedi' doesn't actually show the victory of the Rebel Alliance over the Empire, only celebrations afterwards. There were still fleets of ships and legions of Stormtroopers loyal to the Empire, remaining after the Battle of Endor. Actually, I think it is a pretty poor ending to a series of six films, spanning many (50?) years. We saw the rise of the Empire, I think we should have seen it fall too!

The Empire would not have fallen away simply due to the destruction of the Second Death Star, I think it was more important that the Emperor was defeated and killed by Vader. It was his his influence that was hanging it together, since it was clearly an unloved, brutal regime. But would all of the Imperial Troops just surrender and give up after his death?

I think Lucas wants us to believe that; that it was the Power of the Dark Side, wielded by the Emperor and Vader, that was holding up the Empire. Once they were gone it collapsed. So, the Ewoks, didn't defeat the Empire at all.

There is a lot in Episodes I and II about how Anakin will bring "balance to the force". Do you think it is when he changes sides in RotJ that he brings this 'balance'? Or is it something else yet to be seen in Ep. III.
Re: The Ewoks weren't that important!

Originally posted by Dave

There is a lot in Episodes I and II about how Anakin will bring "balance to the force". Do you think it is when he changes sides in RotJ that he brings this 'balance'? Or is it something else yet to be seen in Ep. III.

Nice overview of the empire's unseen defeat, but it was the above part of your post that really caught my eye. I always thought that this was a bit of a muddle, and that perhaps Yoda and the others weren't seeing that it would in fact be Anakin's son who brought this balance... But you could be right about Vader's last minute change of heart. Actually it has just occurred to me that the concept of "Balance to the force" is a bit odd. Surely balance would imply that there was an equal amount of 'good' and 'bad', 'light' and 'dark', but with Vader and the Emperor's death the balance is overwhelmingly in light's favour...
Perhaps Anakin bringing balance to the force was through wiping out the hordes of Jedi, leaving only (excluding any EU info that came later) himself, Palpatine, Yoda, Luke and Leia. Arguably you could include OB too, although Vader kills him too.
So, he did bring balance to the force, but not in the good way Yoda and Qui Gonn seem to expect in Ep 1.

This was by far the best Star Wars (from the 3 original ones)
OI DAVE! those teddy bear thingies were cute lol

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