Flatliners (1990)

Never thought of that Summershake. I'll just have to cuddle up to the husband in bed. ;)

annette :)
So good luck with doing that...:D :D
Would like to watch it too but tonight they're airing a movie with Michael Shanks in it...:D :D

ah thanks for that

hey annie wheres ur flatliners tape?
>hums innocently<
Hey Chilly, not a tape but DVD and it was great to watch it again.

annette :)

ok where is ur dvd?
>hms inocently<
i havent got it..................>continues humming< lol

ure meant to play along dude >sighs< some people lol

>sighs heavily< i still cant acept that kiefer and kevin were in the same movie.............lol

mayeb we should try the idea out? lol
Sorry Chilly, not with it. Kevin and Kiefer are good together.

annette :D

ah maybe i dont make sense?lol

k+k = sweetness......lol
ok - wow - haven't been back here in a while --

haven't watched this movie in a while -- been stuck on other stuff - like Christopher Lambert films ---

anyway -- the choices of 'what' came back to haunt them was interesting -- Nelson - the kid he tortured and accidently killed; Julia's character - her father's herion addiction; Baldwin's character - his 'amateur porn' set up, then his fiancee finding out about it - think he had the worst time; and Kevin's character - that little girl they teased in the school yard --

then they all made amends w/ their past - realizing they had done 'wrong' -- kind of 'saved their souls' in a way --


hey hows u doing?

lambert huh? neat!

yeh it was cool the way they saved their souils, its like they got a dsecond chance to put right wat theyd done rong
i loved it anywayz