American Gothic

good show.....i think sam raimi of evil dead fame was a producer of the show, i squire; the vampire show was the kindred? not sure......:smilej:
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The fate of the baby is in the last episode. Somehow caleb is possed by a great evil. the same one that has taken Buck. Somehow he has his cousin pushed down the stairs and she loses the baby. it was the last ep i saw and that was 4 years ago.

also gary Cole played a sleeze Supervisor in the movie "Office Space".


ah - i think i remember that --- (been WAY too long since i've watched the eps) --

and yes - he was the supervisor in "office space" - and the scariest part? he reminded me of a manager i had working in retail once -- i wanted to scream!

btw <subtle hint> have you voted in the poll about an AG mini-forum? </subtle hint>
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good show.....i think sam raimi of evil dead fame was a producer of the show, i think..

yes - Sam Raimi was producer of the show -

and IIRC, one of his brothers was a guest start on the show --

(i'd have to go look again)
To get our mini-forum we need to post as much as possible about American Gothic.

Question for you:- Who was your favourite character and Why??????

I always liked the Sherriff Lucas Buck - what a bad bad boy!!!!! Was he really the devil in disguise???????

BUT I also liked Caleb - such a sweet innocent character who loved his sister sooooooo much. Was a pity she was killed.

annette :)
Hehe, yeah! I LOVED Lucas Buck!! His character was so dark and evil, but I was great fun to watch him. He's one of the bad guys on who's side you are...:D
Wow this is really taking me back - I'd love to see American Gothic back on TV sometime.
It's out on DVD now - it's like $40 US for the set, but you can see all of the episodes.
is there still someone who repiles to my messages?
I've just finished to watch the 22 episodes!American Gothic is fantastic but I wuold like to have some information about it, do you know if there is another season?the end is not very clear!
For me this show had a lot of potential, but never quite fulfilled it. Gary Cole was awesome though.
I like Gary Cole as an actor (from way back 'Midnight Caller' days), as he's one of the convincing 'good guys who might actually be bad'. Even his straight up characters tend to have an edge, or dark side.

In terms of American Gothic, if you took away the open murder, burying people alive, ruining lives, etc. then he was actually quite a 'good' sheriff who cared for his community...

He'd get my vote! (if only because he'd know if I didn't)

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