8.12: Medusa

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Scully and Doggett race to fight off a contagion lurking under the subway tunnels of Boston.
I loved that S&D's relationship seems to have grown. My fav Doggett quote:
Man: Says who?
Doggett: Says the boss. :)

The bad guys were too 2-dimensional, especially Evil Station Manager. He looks familiar, where's he from?

And, ugh, the little boy. Geez, what the hell where the writers thinking w/that idea? it was bad, just bad. ugh.

Oh, and it was so cute at the end. Doggett being almost turning around, then remembering about the hospital gown and looking embarassed, and Scully's amused look. :blush:
Yes, I think also here we see Scully and Dogget more related.
That station manager was very tiresome, poor Scully that have
to hear him all the time. :eek:
Originally posted by Krystal
That station manager was very tiresome, poor Scully that have to hear him all the time. :eek:

She should have told him more forcefully to get lost, you can't investigate unusual biological entities which "Four hours left!" ringing in your ears.

I found the policeman irritating too, and the man "only there so he could get infected and die". And Kasidy Yates was there down the subway as well, leaving her freighter behind on DS9!

I didn't understand the science, but I wasn't fully concentrating on the programme. I seem to be plaqued on Thursday nights by phone calls and people at the door!
I vaguely remember this episode. All about people being 'attacked' by something contained in seawater. A young boy is found in train tunnels who is not affected by the 'seawater'. We later find out it contains 'medusa' . This triggers the face and other parts of the body 'touched' by the seawater to melt. Sweat triggers it off. Scully and Doggett eventually save the day and lives of commuters.

annette :D
i didnt like this epi too much but the last scene rea;;y made m laugh!
(doggett nearly rutning aroung and then remembring that hes in a gown! )
i wodner wat suclly woulda thort of his bum! .......id wann to see it......lol:evil: :lol: :naughty: :naughty:
Yeah that would've been good to see. Doggett in all his glory(well his bum anyway) :naughty:

Was a bit gruesome in parts with people having half their faces missing. Scully played a good part telling Doggett what to do. Every womans dream!!!!!!!! :lol:

annette :D

i WANNA see his bum....lol
freay huh?lol
oh and I wanna tell him wat to do! lol (dunn wat his wifie wud think tho....lol)
I for one wan't interested in seeing his bum...however, the scene was cute. Another one of those gross episodes though. I have given up eating at all while wwatching this show these days :D
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