Predator 2 (1992)

I really enjoyed Predator 2, and I was glad they went with spending the bucks for special effects rather than paying a great deal of money to Arnold.

It was a much more brutal film with the aliens fighting the most dangerous criminals in a major city, great idea. Danny Glover and Gary Busey were excellent additions to the sequel. PLUS! We get to see more Predators wielding fantastic weapons.
Oh the original is definitely the best for me. Great cast and a great concept. Plus, incredible Stan Winston monster effects :alien:

The sequel seemed far too cartoonish for me; all those effete faux-futuristic Los Angeles gangbangers just annoyed me. The slowly disintegrating camaraderie of the super macho special forces chaps in the jungle was more effective, and a better story arc, for me.
I saw Predator 2 the other week for the first time in about a decade and I'd forgotten how fun it was. Even some truly terrible dialogue and some dodgy acting here and there failed to derail it completely.
Not a patch on the original of course!
Bleeping Voodoo man. lol, love this film. My wife on the other hand does not see any redeeming features what-so-ever.

Interested in what Shane Black will bring into his sequel, hopefully more of his gawd awful jokes from the original!!
This film was absolute garbage, the predator was fat, Danny Glover was fat, Bill Paxton was more annoying than his character in Aliens, how could they follow the first with this?

Setting it in a city was a great idea but they squandered every opportunity to make it a great sequel by focusing on gore and stupidity.
Predator 1 was by far a better movie.
Yeah, I second that opinion.

Predator 1 had Arnie.

I think both are good -- but not great -- movies.

I'm glad I saw them in my early teens. I've since become less forgiving of implausible aspects of the plots in both films.

Still, they entertain.
Just like in the Alien franchise, it couldn't repeat what took place in the first movie, so it opted for transporting the story to urban settings, and with various factions involved. That makes sense, too, but having many factions complicates matters for audiences used to binaries. It's like the AvP franchise, where writers are usually forced to take one of the antagonists and make them side with the protagonists.

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