Predator 2 (1992)


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Harrigan, a brash policeman who is fighting drug lords in a decaying L.A. finds that the criminals are being killed in a very odd fashion. The federal authorities keep telling him to stay out, even though his own men are also being killed. He catches sight of a nearly invisible alien hunter who is searching for trophies. Harrigan injures the creature and pursues it, becoming the hunter.

Starring Danny Glover and Kevin Peter Hall


not as good as the first, but not as bad as many sequels (yes Highlander II, this means you...;))
Let me just say that I loved Predator.

I do not love Predator 2. Despite the big onscreen presences of Danny Glover and Gary Busey, I just never got into this film.

Can't say exactly what it lacks, but it does lack. . .something.
Sequels are never as good as the first one. I definitley liked Predator 1 better.
Predator 1 was by far a better movie. But Predator 2 was still a spectacular film. Trust me you will never find a bigger Predator fan then me!
Well trust me. I watch Predator at least twice a week. And I can say the script word for word. I am working on backwards right now.:rolly2: :D

ok u
i lost my copy of predator. sorta dispapointed.
I agree with Curupira, sequels are never as good as the originals. Though I did like Predator 2. (Not as much as the original).

Talking about it is making me wanna go watch it, again.

I always wanna watch one of the Predator movies. I just have to resist the temptation of watching them alot of times....:rolly2:
i ound it......well my brotehr found it!!!!
i watched it twice!
But, see, this movie is still cool. There are some cool moments and I like it good.
Predator 2 is such a underrated film, but it's understandable. The first one was, in fact, the first, and the scenario for that film is original and just plain entertaining. Predator 2, for me anyway, is my favorite though, but I admit, it lacks the originality of the first.

So the reason it's my favorite, well, I suppose the action scenes, and of course, the display of the alien skull. That was just plain fantastic, for the filmakers to do that.
What's this? Not much respect for Predator2? You gotta love a movie that never stops to catch it's breath. Ultra violence from the first frame to the last!!! It's like a boxing match without rounds! It's wonderfully beautifully grotesquely violent! That movie is like therapy.
As sequels go, I'd say it was on a par with the original. Not very many sequels I would say that about - Aliens, Back to the Future part 2, Terminator: Judgement Day, Pirates of the Caribbean - maybe a handful more.

The concept of moving from jungle commandos to concrete jungle cops is clever. The trophy room was good. The ending was good.

They should have never have mixed the Alien and Predator franchises together though.
Looks like a dead thread has been dug up! I certainly prefer Predator to its sequel, it is far superior. There is a lot of tension when the Predator starts picking off the commandos.
Aliens I prefer over Alien though it is a different style, more action rather than horror.
Both Aliens and Predator 1 have some similarities though in the cool group of elite soldiers that start getting massacred. "I aint got time to bleed".
I loved Predator 2 to bits. I also consider it on a par with the original, a true rarity with hollywood sequels, and it WAS a sequel in every sense in the word, not going down the tried-and-tested route but instead taking us to a very different place, and asking us some genuinely thought provoking questions. It has to my mind some of the most visceral and creative scenes in Hollywood history, and even some of the standout lines, and it disappoints me hugely when I read the poor reception critically it got from both the fans and the media. Some of them even considered it mindless violence, I found it if not thought provoking, then certainly subversively clever in a lot of ways. When I first saw this movie at first I had low expectation due to the lack of Arnie, but Danny Glover won me over wholesale, and the rest of the cast, and the musical score, and the fantastic set piece scenes are enough that I consider it a hidden gem, and am happy that I get to appreciate it at least.

I find it a lot better and more interesting than Predators, for instance, as though imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, the notes that strike all through the movie make it wholly predictable even as to the order the scenes come (i.e. the WATERFALL SCENE).

My 2c. :)
I was watching a movie show last night that was reviewing Cowboys and Aliens and they were going on about how in trying to mix the two genres they didnt go far enough, it wasn't enough of a western etc I haven't seen it so no idea there but the review reminded me of Predators 2 which does a similar thing.

In a lot of ways you could replace the alien with a serial killer and it's your standard law and order, cop vs criminal movie. It's maybe not as big a stretch as Cowboys vs Aliens but I still think it was a really good move, if Arnie wasn't coming back, not to try and repeat the original and instead go for a different setting and feel.

It's turned into a bit of a sleeper hit, it got panned when it came out but there's a fair bit of repsect out there now for it being at least a decent follow up film, especially considering it lost its main star. Personally I loved the balance of action, comedy, tie ins and the extra information it provided about the predator (and Predator vs Aliens) universe.

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