Nov 4, 2000
can someone clear up something for me? please? in the movie where the officer are going to tell jack he's been recalled. there is somekind of award or something belonging to jack's son. but the name on it is TYLER! Tyler O'Neil! do writers just balk at continuity? who is tyler? the only kid we know is charlie, right?
Hi Val
I think it's just an inconsistency
Here's some other differences between the film and the series
Found on a website (can't remember the address):
Obviously the actors
Colonel Jonathan (Jack) O'Neil - Colonel Jonathan (Jack) O'Neill
Tyler O'Neil (Jack's son) - Charlie O'Neill
Sha'uri (Daniel's wife) - Sha're
Adam Kawalsky - Charles Kawalsky
The Stargate program was housed deep in Greek mountain - The Stargate Command in the series is housed deep in Cheyenne Mountain, beneath NORAD
General West lead the facility - General Hammond leads the SGC in the series
Kawalsky was a Lieutenant Colonel - Kawalsky was a Major in the series
Ferretti was a Lieutenant - Ferretti is a Major in the series
In the movie the Stargate went only to Abydos in can go to many places in the series.
The Stargate on Abydos had another set of symbols then the earth Stargate while they're the same in the series

some of those things can be expected to change in a year but a person's name! egad!
you know what else annoys me? how in the world did they dial out from abydos? they didn't know a thing about the dhd,
and did you know that at no time in the film did daniel address jack ? not even colonel, or mr. o'neil or anything!
Originally posted by val
how in the world did they dial out from abydos? they didn't know a thing about the dhd,
Manually I think.
p.s. Calm down!;)
yeah there was a whole thing in the film about Daniel having to figure out how to dial back to earth from abydos...
Maybe the Stargate movie was actually in an Alternate Universe............. works for me!;)
Whilst the promotions could easily have happened, and conversely the name changes are either careless, copyright issues or stupid, some are actually explained:

Major Samuels explains Hammond has replaced Gen. West, and of course we all see Sam and Daniel discuss the concept of multi-gate travel - though they should really have considered it in the film - why have 39 glyphs if you only need 7 to dial out? ;)
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