Tremors (1990) & Tremors 2: Aftershocks (1996)

Then you need to go rent/see Tremors II. It isn't quite the same, but there are some really comical moments in it and some ballet actually. ;)

I'm remembering the scene where the three stars are jumping from rock to rock. :D

I havent seen the 1st one for ages, but the 2nd one has a more comical element, IIRC... worth a watch....
It's a hard choice but...I've gotta say Tremors, I love that film, the second one is very good...maybe I'm just bias? I love originals...hehe. :D

TaTa :p
i have seen both i recorded tremors2 from sky and saw most of the origional tremors film and i have to say that probabaly because i was about 7 or 8 when i watched it it was scarey (and because i was a little strange) the disgusting bits were very funny also the pogo stick kid
so i might just go out and buy the origional next week or something but to me the first just squeezes through

def tremors-the first one
maybe im biased coz kevin looked s hot.....................:)
yeh well.......................
you also have to admit that it is very rare that a sequle is better than the origional

yeh apart from in the case of aliens
alien 2 was better than alien 1
I picked No. 1 because. When I went to see it in the theatre. I noticed that the floor had tons of popcorn everywhere. 20 minutes into the movie a sudden Grapler jump made me drop mine.

No. 2 while being a great flim. Better than a bunch of Batman's. didn't have a popcorn drop scene.

Funny Stuff

I just couldn't get enough of those rednecks trying to kill those big worms!!! :laugh2:
IMHO the funniest parts. Are every time they blow one of the Graplor's up. A bunch of guts showers on them.
LOL jus thinking about it.


that was

i wasnt much of a cinema goer so i saw it on tv.....:)

>whispers< dont tell anyone that i havent seen it either.........

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