Alien (1979)


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The first of 4 (maybe 5), and still the best of the bunch.

It was a groundbreaker in so many ways, with one of the first leading ladies in an action role, a masterpiece of design and production, and such an original idea to fire it all off.

HR Giger's Alien design and his designs for the alien spaceship, the space jockey, and the alien landscapes of the planet are outstanding, and haven't aged at all. The alien may have been a guy in a suit, rather than a CGI version that would be used these days, but it is very scary, not least because you don't get to see too much of the alien itself, but the shadows play tricks on you and you never know which corner it's going to jump out of...
For those of you who haven't heard of the Alien Series...

(there can't be that many of you :D:D)


Plot Outline: A mining ship, investigating an SOS, lands on a distant planet. The crew discovers some strange creatures and investigates

Stars: Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver
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I didn't really like the original alien either, I don't know if thats because I'm a youngen or whatever, but I didn't find it scary at all. (I think I was too busy laughing at the SFX because the ones we have now are sooo much better)

I must be too old then, because when I watched this at the cinema and that thing burst out of John Hurts chest, there wasn't a single person who didn't jump off their seats.

There was a little laugh when you realised it was a little like a muppet, and it scuttled out through the door, but it was definitely a nervous laugh!
well that last bit would of course be CGI'ed these days, and would look better, but part of the reason i like alien is because it was all done with models and real props, there was no CGI really back then (PS gonna move these to a thread about "alien" not "resurrection :p)
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The suspense in this one nearly kills me every time.

They had the perfect equation for great suspense.

Take an unstoppable killer, mix with a group of initially unwitting victims, and put them in an escape-proof situation (the ship in deep space). Season with dark and eerie spaces with plenty of dripping water, things that make spooky noises (chains) and lots of nooks and crannies for the bad guy (or in this case, the alien) to hide in and leap out of.

No matter how many times I watch this movie, I always jump out of my skin when Dallas (Tom Skerritt) comes face to face with the alien. I keep holding out hope that one of these times, he'll escape.

For me, any film that draws me in that much gets my admiration and approval (like that matters much in the grand scheme of life).
i agree, it was the suspense, and they couldt reproduce that in any of the others, even though they tried to in III...
Its gotta be Alien. Aliens was typical Cameron fare (ie everything has a blue tint) the third was utter tripe and the fourth I feel although not as good had the same feeling as the first.
I was suprised that there is no alien thread . If there is then sorry but i quiet like the first two films ! The third is ok if they did not make it then it would have been better and the last one sucks !! I have to say Aliens is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!

The Dvd box is outstanding with lots of extres.
I preferred Alien and Alien 3.
I liked Aliens, but I think Cameron almost destroyed the uniqueness of the Alien species. He turned Alien from something that was very original into a hive of ants originating from a Queen. Geiger's alien life cycle was far more sinister and... well... alien!
Not only that, but the original film did an excellent job of portraying the Alien as something almost invincible - "Aliens" turned them into squealing marine fodder.
It was still a good action film though and you can't beat the line "get away from her you bitch!"

Alien 3 was vastly underated IMO. It brought Alien back to what it should be: an invincible killing machine taking out a group of people one at a time - great stuff.

Alien Resurrection started out well, but faded into surreal crap by the end.

Alien V Predator - I shouldn't love it, but I just do. :D
Loved Aliens - not yet seen the extended version, though should have.

Saw 3 and wasn't too fussed - 4 was bloody awful (don't watch that with a pregnant girlfriend!). 1 is novel but is it really something you could watch over and over again?
I said:
1 is novel but is it really something you could watch over and over again?
Sure, it's one of those few films that hasn't dated, despite the fact that its over 25 years old!
Oddly enough, I hated it when I first saw it, but it did eventually grow on me. I made the usual mistake of reading the book first and being disappointed by the film. One of the things that irritated me was their decision to cut the scene in which Ripley finds Dallas being turned slowly into an egg. They cut it for pace reasons, but seeing it spliced back in to the director's cut was quite disturbing; his suffering is horrible to watch and still puts many of today's horror flicks to shame.
paradox thats the same with me when i saw it for the first time it scared the hell out off me . I even turned the tv off !! I didnt even watch all of it but then it was ok later lolz
I said:
Loved Aliens - not yet seen the extended version, though should have.
I’d not rush out to see it were I you. While it adds some very good story and character scenes, it also adds a lot more gung ho nonsense and bad dialogue, all of which only serves to counter the better scenes that were added. I find it overly long in its extended form. Cameron directed a “macho guys fight giant bugs film,” which is fine … so getting on with the action is preferred. Not like he has anything else to actually say with the film other than, “alien creatures must die.”

I’m with Paradox 99 in this film. It’s a fine enough action movie, but it really does damage to the Alien mythology, changing the compelling “lurking horror” aspect of the thing into a very comic bookish “big hunt” thing.
Saw 3 and wasn't too fussed
Now this one is worth watching in its extended form. The theatrical cut wasn’t so hot, but the additional scenes really work here, creating a moody, almost philosophical feel. Fincher was creating a really superb film. It’s a shame the studio hacked it to pieces and we’ll never fully see what he intended.
1 is novel but is it really something you could watch over and over again?
No question about it. The film hasn’t aged a day; it remains near film perfection. Gritty, pitch-perfect pacing, frightening, very organic. Great characters. Great handling of the alien creature. It’s the best horror film ever made and one of the best science fiction films out there. Simply extraordinary. The series could have stopped here and it would still be legendary.
but the last two suck big time well if they never made them it would have been good . Alien 3 spoiles the 2 movie they should have left it at 2
waste of time and money if they made a big fuss about making 3 how the hell did they make resurrection ??????????
Resurrection had a better story and and better acting... :D And the Aliens were WAAAAY sneakier!!! ;)

What about Aliens V Predator??? Is that a good movie??? Should Batman or Judge Dredd have been in it???
How can u like Resurrection ? its miles away from the orignale Alien whis is a purfict movie.
I love them all Aliens and Alien 3 are the best Resurrection had a good plot just a couple of things I would have felt out though like the Alien child weird thing and a few little things as well.

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