1.09: Scorpions Dream


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Jul 21, 2000

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taken from http://earthfinalconflict.com/episodes/ep109.html

Dr. Larry Clark (Jonathan Potts), a brilliant and devoted young scientist in the Companions' development lab, was heading up a research project on the Alpha series of skrills -- alien life forms bioengineered by the Taelons for use as weapons by Implants. Clark had come to love the skrills, giving them nicknames, and fretting over his "maternity" ward. When Commander William Boone (Kevin Kilner) arrived at Clark's lab to tell him they were closing down his project, Clark was crushed. Boone, who wore an updated form of skrill, knew exactly what kind of potential destructive threat Clark's primitive version presented. Alone in his lab, Clark dejectedly stroked the "mother" in his Alpha series, which suddenly fused to his arm. Clark slipped out of the building, but did he save the skrill or did the skrill use Clark to save itself?
Clark's boss, Dr. Basi (Sugith Varughese), alerted Boone to the emergency. Boone called in Captain Lili Marquette (Lisa Howard) to help search for Clark. Meanwhile, Dr. Clark was hiding in a train station diner where he was attracted to a streetwise girl named Janice Green (Claudette Mink). Later, out on the train platform, Clark became aware of his skrill's awesome power when he used it to save Janice from a gang of thugs. Larry took Janice to hide away on a sailboat at a nearby marina. She eagerly accompanied him, secretly plotting to steal the skrill in order to sell it on the black market.

Boone and Marquette tracked the fugitives to the marina, where Clark fired on Lili and escaped. Boone realized he was dealing with a walking time bomb. Clark started to slip in and out of a manic state, his physical appearance deteriorating rapidly. Janice ran away from him, only to be cornered by FBI Agent Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores), who wanted to kill Clark before he threatened the Taelons. Clark returned to his lab, and discovered that Dr. Basi had terminated his skrill "offspring," which threw him into a murderous rage. Boone confronted him and tried to convince him that the skrill was now controlling his every move. Clark escaped to the tunnels beneath the lab, where Sandoval planned to gas him.

Risking his own life, Boone followed Clark into the underground labyrinth, trying to get his skrill to communicate with Clark's. Ultimately, he found Clark and was able to release the scientist from his private hell.


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Feb 18, 2001
Boone's reaction when he realized the skrills where sentience was interesting. It is one thing to have a bioengineered weapon but to realize it was a sentient being who had been manipulated that way. Makes you wonder what the Taelons will do to manipulate humans.

Then there was the byplay between Boone and Lilli about who the dominate was in the relationship between Clark and Janice. That it wasn't Janice or Clark but the Skrill.

I wonder if Boone's skrill didn't fire because of the difference between him and Sandoval with Sandoval being a full implant and Boone not. That Boone's own conscious might have allowed the skrill to not fire.


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Aug 21, 2000
This was the first ep. of EFC I ever saw. I have been hooked scense then. My favorite part was when Sandy told Boone about how he listened to his Skrill. he even enjoyed the experience. It was also nice to see Boone try to offer closure to Dr Clark in the end. Can't post much more haven't seen it in a few years.


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