Please HELP !!!


Feb 11, 2001
Hi everyone,
I'm looking for someone who can send me the complete series 4 on video (PAL) or VCD in english.
Because they have stopped the releases of the new episodes, I try it this way. I'm from the netherlands. Who can help me, I will pay all the costs that will come with the video's and the shipping ofcourse. Please reply... A desperate fan....

Not big

Thanks, but the quality isn't big. I will show in a little window. But it's better than nothing. If anyone has the full screen version, let me know....

check in the merchandise thread about tape trading...i think there is a lady by the name of mary simmons that can do pal dubs
Hi! Sietsko,

Sietsko, Welcome,

You just have to make sure the videos and dvds are from the area that is compatable with your vcr or they don't play!

I am glad that people are helping you out because we are a friendly forum. I am glad that you are posting and getting answers. Mostly what you need will be found in the Merchandise Section. Look under both Videos and tapes for all the seasons and Vidoes. People trade them or will dub them for you when you send a tape. Just m ake sure that you live in a region that is compatable to your own!

You seem to be finding your way around here pretty well, but are you using the pull down menu at the bottom of the page? Hope so that is really the easiest way to navigate and Stargate and its many fora is at the top of the menu! At the top of the page are the many sections that you can visit for, instance, Films, books, anime, Dr. Who, Farscape,
the Treks among others.

Please feel free to post or start a new thread as you have done here! We are a friendly fora so please, remember to use SPOILER SPACE when talking about specific episodes out side of the current season fora, keep the posting general in nature and no flames of other members. If you have questions ask and we will reply or if you have any problems or questions please post or email a moderator and we will reply. (our e mail icons are at the bottoms of our posts)

Browse, post (at thirty post you receive avsurprise, whom you can introduce in the General discussions thread ~ alien), but mostly enjoy yourself and I hope you get the answers you need about the tapes!
Well as far as I know, the UK has also use PAL.
What about the forum, i'm a webmaster also and use nearly the same script, so that's no problem.

Thanks for the reaction.

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