4.22: Exodus

the us sci fi channel will get stargate in 2002...

i just wonder if it'll get all hacked up as shows sometimes tend to get when syndicated that way

pay no attention to the colorer behind the curtain, i'm just seeing what they look like on the new back ground :D
where do I get the code for the colour??

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*whos been wondering about that for a while*
don't you hate it when they hack up shows....it really, really bugs me.....

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yeah, it's as if they think we couldn't handle the whole uncut version:rolleyes: just who do they think they are;) ....peachy:D
if they don't think we can handle it, then put it on at a later time and show us the WHOLE GODDAM UNCUT VERSION!!!!!

wow, feel better now

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tsk, tsk language....

anyway to do the color when you post look above the quote button and there's a drop down box for colour...click on it and pick your hue of choice...then type in the little text box and voila
you're in living color
*slaps her wrist for her unladylike language*

LOLOL...I have jsuyt figured that out...thanks for telling me though!!

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Hey, sky, love your avatar. Is it Carter? If it is, she looks really wierd, or am I completely off track here?
thanks. yeah it's carter from nemesis so she's got the whole 'new hair' thing going.

i found a lot of little pics so i'm having fun changing the avatar every so often. i even have one of anise but i'm afraid to use her...might get in trouble.
yeah, can't say that hair style was a fav of mine though....

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i was getting used to it, right up until she got it cut. i think it was more a problem of the set's hairdresser than hers...
i remember when jack was saying he wouldn't leave her behind, her hair looked really &^#@^$. err sorry bout that
originally posted by shiloh

____________________________________________what calender is that on? Last friday in June is the 29th. Hope so. That'd be 92 days.

i did say ish... i was too lazy to get up and go look at a real calendar.:rolleyes:
originally posted by jaxie

_____________________________________________i remember when jack was saying he wouldn't leave her behind, her hair looked really &^#@^$. err sorry bout that


What epi was that????
It was the flashback scene..and I have to say..I thought the hairstyle was a bit...ummm...how can I put this nicely....*if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all*....ok, better not say anything!! LOL

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it was a bit of a shock at first, and i'm still trying to figure out how it grew that much in 9 days but...heck it's her head.
strangely enough, one moment it looked great, the next it looked awful.....

maybe they were on a planet that made everything grow quick, hey, Teal'c came back with that thing on his chin.....

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