Dying for better scripts


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Jul 23, 2000
I don't know about you guys but it seems the latest scripts in S4 are kind of repetitive. So another of Danny's girls gets infested by a Goaul'd. And Carter is "possessed" by another entity. Some of them are just variations of old episodes.
Or they resort to killing characters, both good and bad. Everybody but the main characters seems to be dying. Martouf (not counting Jacob) was the BEST tokr'a. I was very disappointed that they killed Chronus. He was an different villian, much more atractive than any other Goaul'd, evil certainly but not a charicature.

I don't like Apophis at all, seems kind of effete. And the fact that he dies/loses and yet keeps coming back and coming back is getting kind of ridiculous. Her'u (don't know the correct spelling) seemed better and they hardly used him.

Some fans stories out there are more original and different and interesting. Maybe the writers of the show should contact some fan fic writers (wishful thinking, of course. I mentioned before The Wine of Dyonisious. And there are several versions where one or all the characters become little children. I would love an episode where all of SG1 become children (say, falling into a Ponce de Leon fountain of youth, etc. all at the same age and they bicker and fight and everything kids do).

Attica by Natty is also very good. And I don't remember the name of the story or of the writer of a very good fan fic. As I remember it, SG1 steps from the Stargate and they are immediately attacked by a much less advanced people but can't defend themselves, apparently there is a force field or something around the gate. All are captured except Daniel who is knocked unconscious and left for dead. Hours later he recovers and goes in search of his team mates,who are held captive by the bad guys. He approaches their village and sees them tied to some poles or something. Daniel goes to a nearby deserted temple and finds some robes and a mask and jewelry. Deciphers more or less the writings on the walls and downs those trappings. Approaches the village shouting in several languages demanding that the villagers free SG1. They apparently think he is their God that came back and free SG1. Jack stares in wonder at Daniel, relieved that he is alive, worried about the state Daniel is in (D is swaying) amazed at what D is saying (bow before me, etc.) The result is great, the villagers free SG1 and they are able to leave (as SG1 leaves the villagers throw food at them, etc., even some water jug).

It's a great story because Daniel is able to rescue SG1 without harming these people, just by using his intelligence and skills. "You never ceased to amaze me wity your talents", remember?

Well, I hope you guys get my meaning, what I am tyring to say is that lately the scripts haven't been very original or very good.
I kinda got the feeling that the series finale was weak as Star trek Voyager had been there already... you know being sent to the other side of the galaxy / universe and then trying to find there way back.. only difference in stargate is that Apophis is already there with them... were in voyager the Borg eventually find them??
Dont get me wrong i enjoyed te series but felt a little let down....... hope season five is better
Bless you Norita, you make me feel so much better. You just said exactly what I have said on a few of the forums and lists, and I got shot down in flames for it.

YES. The whole thing has become wholly unbelievable, and even more so now that Sky One is showing some of the earlier series and you can SEE the difference.

I was totally annoyed about them killing Chronos and pretty much sick of being constantly told by everyone how it 'fitted into the story', 'tied up loose ends', and how the revenge of Teal'c took first priority, as if it would on a military mission. Revenge doesn't have ANY place on a military mission, especially a covert one. If personnel have a personal involvement in any sort of mission then they are left off the team because they're considered a danger to the rest - a weak link. And if Col Jack was such an all fired good 'black ops' soldier, he would have known that. If he'd been my CO I would have seriously questioned his orders. However, it seems that in Series 4 the whole kit and caboodle of Stargate production said 'to hell with reality, let's have everyone in a state of suspended disbelief'.

And yes, Apophis is now unbelievable to me. He's come back too many times. He was fun to start with and Peter Williams has done a sterling job, but now he's becoming a crashing bore.

I guess now a few people will tell me how I don't know how 'black ops' operates and that I don't know about military team building. Oh well c'est la vie.

Chronos was indeed an attractive villain, one of those that you know is a baddie, but would always make allowances for. I certainly like that sort of villain, not because I subscribe to the view that he could change particularly, but because I wouldn't want him to change into a soft touch. I think that Yu came into that category also and they were both such a nice antithesis to the really nasty baddies that I can't actually understand what the Stargate production people were trying to prove. All they've done is engender in me a strong dislike for the Goody two shoes SG1 in general and Teal'c in particular. In fact the only SG personnel I can stand now are General Hammond, the SGC staff and Doctor Frasier.

I know this all sounds pretty strong, but I am really so brassed off and am trying to be cool and open minded because it's just a TV show, but it was a TV show that I really liked and now I don't like it much. I'm still watching it, but I'm not sure why I am. The lack of any other decent shows I suppose.

Hi well i can see were u guys are coming from i too was so wondering what the hell was goin on with Apophis and all that phoenix stuff, u know coming back to life.

I do hope that season five is better
I think that on a lot of the lists and forums there is such a fanaticism about the main actors of Stargate, they get mad when anyone even tries to criticise. Even if it's constructive criticism. Therefore a lot of people hesitate to say what they really feel. I have noticed a distressing tendency for people to get very defensive, mainly I think because they're afraid that if anyone with any power over whether the series continues sees what they might construe as adverse comments they'll make it an excuse to end the show itself. In addition, many people will make excuses for bad scripts and terrible continuity just in order to see RDA, AT, MS, CJ & Co in action. I was on one list where the burning question of the day was whether anybody had noticed Michael Shank's bottom and what a nice one he had! Another had a long running discussion about the length and style of AT's hair which just about says it all really - I mean who cares?

Whether the plot makes any sense is peripheral.

Unfortunately, from what I can see of the entertainment industry in the US (and possibly Canada too), there does seem to be a habit of the powers that be to just stop shows for no apparent reason. they go by ratings and they're not necessarily an accurate poll of a show's actual popularity. Also, they seem to think that the viewing folk out in 'normal' land have the concentration span of the average goldfish (about 20 seconds!). Maybe a lot of the viewing public do. As far as I can see, a lot of shows survive in North America because of the eye candy aspect. Usually anything to do with aliens is good for a long run (X files, Star Trek, Farscape, Stargate etc), horror/supernatural is also good (the more gratuitous violence and the gorier the better) Buffy and Angel for instance, or anything to do with glamour... and if you can combine all of those with glamour, all the better. The script is not important as long as the girls are beautiful. Impossibly beautiful sometimes. Even the corpses are beautiful. I saw one film where the female corpse had one side of the face gone, but the other side was perfectly made up. Lip gloss and all! Any alien who tuned into terrestrial TV to see what humans are like would think that there's no such thing as an ugly female! And that we're all gun toting drug dealers, deprived adolescents or impossibly rich. Or even all of those!

There's definitely a different trend here in the UK, where people care very much about good scripts and continuity, even the soaps are careful about how the scripts are written. I have no explanation of this, maybe it's just because the theatre and formal acting is a big thing here, and not necessarily the glitz and glamour of the North American scene. I'm not saying the UK way is better, just more real.

Anyway, in Season 5 no doubt Apophis will rear his ugly head again and again, because they won't want to kill him off. Not as long as all of the support is there for him. Sorry for the long post. *sigh*
ok here i am going to start something but we are having fun on the one board discussing michael but if you look close we are discussing the acting!! i mean come on we have withdrawl going here, so everyone now picks out stuff for fun, you discuss the show seriously when you go in to talk about the show, but in defense of the board you are talking about we have many discussions going there, came up in chat and ended up on board :)

but we enjoy everyones talent, RDA has a long established career behind him from general hospital to stargate, MS well his career is just starting and he seems to keep himself very busy, as well as AT, CJ, DSD and TR, so all the actors are very well appreciated on the boards, everyone a fan of the show, but like i said we have how many months now until we get season 5 so can't keep disecting each eps. that would get overly redundent !!

i am just saying we are having fun, that is what the boards are for, some may get serious but some are fun :)

I for one dont take stargate serious.. its an entertsinment programme... i love it to bits but now that the ratings are the most important thing for the shows owners / producers etc...

The forum i feel is to have discussions and laugh about the programme with other people... as long as its not offencesive... keep on posting
ow by the way... sorry for my arwful spelling....
Sue: You're not starting something at all. You're entitled to your opinion and your say, without a doubt. Just like the rest of us.

I take your point about you having fun on the boards and perhaps on your board you ARE discussing the acting, I don't know. I didn't say what board it was in my previous post and you're making an assumption that it was yours. In fact the examples quoted were from two different boards and although I didn't post anything on either myself, I was shocked at the reactions that some people got when they tried to put their points forward about the show, from their point of view. Some of the replies which were given were not 'fun' I can assure you. They were downright nasty, especially when the perception was that someone was trying to criticise the show. this seems a trifle 'obsessive' to me and couldn't be described even loosely as 'fun'.

I'm personally not in withdrawal from anything, I like the show, but can live without it if necessary. As Neo said, it's a TV show and not meant to be taken seriously. If it never came back again, my life would go on and I'm not holding my breath until the start of Series 5. However, if someone has an opinion and is not actually hurting anyone by stating it, then I see no reason why they can't do so without adverse reactions.

As for dissecting episodes, that's what the discussion forums are for. It's not ALL they're for of course, but people should be allowed to say what they feel and as I said above, as long as nobody is flaming anyone and it's constructive, then why should we stop?

Nobody said that RDA and the others can't act (although I'm not sure that the examples you quoted, i.e. McGyver and General Hospital count as shows which require good acting). What I actually said was that I have started to dislike the characters they play NOT the real people behind them, (I don't know the real people behind them - they could be the nastiest or the nicest people in the universe for all I know!)

I have seen MS in a few things - he's a competent actor, but in my opinion nothing special, AT in one other thing - she is also a competent actress, Don Davis in lots of things (and he IS very good), Teryl Rothery is also a good actress who I've seen in a few shows. CJ and Peter Williams I haven't seen in anything else so I can't make a comment. No-one was disputing the fact that Stargate is popular. All we did was merely say that we thought the scripts were 'uninspired' to say the least, especially when compared with the beginning of the show. And when Norita apologised for stating her opinion, it got to me, because she shouldn't have to do that. Time after time I have had quiet emails from people telling me that they agree with many of the things I have said in postings, but they've also confided that they are reluctant and afraid to post because of the reaction of some of the more obsessive fans out there.

Many people do get their 'fun' by actually dissecting the episodes, and as far as I can see there's nothing wrong with that.

*shrug* It's all just my opinion after all, you don't HAVE to subscribe to it as I don't have to subscribe to anyone else's. I'm cool about it, either way!

With regard to what Neo?

I wasn't talking about ANYBODY in particular. I was talking about MY experiences with people on other lists and made a reference to people who are NOT on this forum (to my knowledge!) who have emailed me privately to discuss Stargate stuff because they feel belittled by the comments made by the more obsessive fans.

Why should you assume that this is about you? It's not about anybody really. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. :lol: :laugh2:
Hey Hey... i was not acusing anyone.... please...
Look at the smiley's in my message Neo...... I'm not cross or anything. I KNOW you weren't accusing, I was a bit bewildered because you seemed to be upset, is all.

:D :D :D
Nope was not upset at all... just putting my point of view accross.. thats all

I have come upon this thread a little late, but found it very interesting. I was also disappointed with many of the fourth season episodes and am crossing my fingers for the fifth. I saw a lot of repetition this season. One thing that helped me understand what's going on is the description of how the scripts are put together. What a project, so many people involved. It's no wonder things are lost in bringing it to life, not to mention time and budget restraints. One thing I know, when I vote on the polls I am more often in the 10-15% minority who was disappointed or thought it was a good, not great show.

And I'm glad I am not the only one who isn't that interested in seeing Apothis. He just isn't scary to me.

It's a well-made show, all the right SFX, sets, good acting, etc. I just wish some of the old spark could be put back in, however, perhaps that is not possible as it is not new any longer and will be colored by its own past as well as our own as viewers.

As for the other fan groups, well, some are more for fun and some are more "serious" and it depends on what kind of mood I am in as to which I visit.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

Yours, Orange
Thank you Anni and Orange. You guys made me feel so much better, at least I am not alone in thinking that the last shows haven't been too good.

It's just that Season 4 started very good (WoO, The Other Side, The Curse, The First Ones and Upgrades). The last 8 have been a disappointment. Yes, even Absolute Power. I don't buy Daniel becoming so obsessed with power that he would kill Teal'c (unless he was really possesed by a Goau'ld).
Read my mind...

Norita, I agree with you again (yah, it's nice to be validated once in awhile, huh?)
on the first 4 episodes being the best and then the rest so-so. And my problem with AP was that it was essentially all an induced dream. What did that prove, I thought, that I can be evil in my dreams? Does that have any bearing on real life? But then I have never been one to over-analyze my dreams as they are often incomprehensible and I think action is the key in solving/managing our problems. I also felt all the philosophical conversation was too vague though perhaps the writers intend to expand on the idea in the next season.

My favorite eps were Upgrades (good subplot, great teamwork), followed closely by Window of Opportunity (great blend of humor and drama).

Okay, I've whined enough. Yours - Orange
Ugh! my post disapeared and i have to try and remember it all again. What was i saying? Oh, yeah...

I was saying that i was rather dispointed with a few of the season four ep--especially Exodus (ooh, bite your tongue, bite your tongue!) No, seriously, it must be said; quit bugging me.

It was also said earlier that Apophis was more than a little like a rampant jack-in-the-box, and i must agree. I thought he was appropriately evil in the first couple of seasons, but how many times can the guy come back from the dead!!?? He just comes off like a whining child now. SG-1 and those dreaded tauri have thwarted my dastardly evil plans yet again--it's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair! So there! (i honestly expect his tantrum next season).

Anyhow, they weren't that bad--or what does that say about me, the addict?
No, don't answer that.