Save Stargate!!!!

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Hi, Serpent Guard,

Many of us have already signed that petition but thank you for posting it again because people may have missed it! We are all anxious for Stargate-SG-1 to continue as we enjoy watching it! (I watch on Friday nights on Showtime). Has MGM saidyet that they do or don't want a sixth season? or is this a preventive measure? Anyway it will be good for the powers that be to see so many people support Stargate SG-1 even if it is renewed!

Thanks again and please come back and visit us!

But,thanks, it needed it's own thread, because the original post is stuck away in the middle of something else.

And everyone needs to sign it.

They must be crazy!

It is such a popular show! (Not to mention such a good one.) I think 7even Seasons and three more films (which will be Box-office smashes) will just about cover it.

Did I mention how good it is?
Everyone has just to sign this petition. We have got to save SG1. I agree six or seven seasons is a must and movies too. It is just about the best thing on UK tv at the moment and I simply adore it. It gets better each season and I am sure it can continue to do so, so come on everybody get signing!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank god season 5 is saved, after they finish shooting the 5th season, they will also start filming Stargate 2 which will have the SG-1 cast, and be sort of like the X-Files movie in that you do not have to see the show to understand it, but it will give certain rewards to those who do.

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