4.20: Entity

I just happened to watch this episode again today, (yeah, just happened to put in a stargate video as I was doing some ironing ) The lack of emotion thing sorta made sense for me.

A good friend and collegue is dying, they were just coping with the 'now' and then the reaction sets in later.

Some earlier posts mention the fact that the T-man and Daniel were not reacting, but if they know what Sam means to Janet and Jack then surely they would put part of their grief to one side in order to support them?

On another topic mentioned earlier about the punchy attitude of the cast - this was the last episode of the series, so I suppose that would have influenced their reactions?


Does anybody else think that Gatecon influenced the roles of the recurring characters? The fact that Dan Shea, Gary Jones and Teryl to a certain extent, had 'larger' roles in the episode? After the reaction they received at the con?
My interpertation is that emotions were being kept under rigid control. That scene where Hammond is expressing his sympathy to Jack and he says "I know what Major Carter means to you", and then there's a beat, and then Jack says that p.c. line "She's a valued member of my team", and then there's another beat while Hammond is thinking "yeah, right, Jack". Those pauses to me speak volumes.

I also think Marie's right. Frasier is a professional doctor. She is trained never to show her emotions to her patients or their familys. That comes later when the doctor is alone.

Entity wasn't the last epi of the season, but was it the last one filmed? Does anyone know?
Yeah, Entity was the last episode filmed. They shot them out of sequence (or is that they were shown out of sequence?) Anyhooo..

Amanda made a reference of this episode at the WolfSG2 last November, although at the time it had the working title of 'Childs Play'. About how they had just finished filming it. She also told about how Don S Davis fell asleep in a briefing room scene that they filmed the previous week! :) Don's character wasn't in the series cliffhanger so maybe that had something to do with it?

So that's how you put a smilie in! I can never get one in when I want one and when I don't, oops ther it is! ;)
:D :blush: i loved this episode! this is the first and only stargate episode that made me go 'awwwwww' all of the way through it, especially on the sam and jack infirmary scenes. It was heart-breaking when jack had 2 zat sam and i almost cried! (and i stress /almost/ because just 4 the record, i have never cried nor wanted to cry @ any kind of tv show or film ever in my whole life before i saw this! it was just so sweet!)
it was aye!!!!

yea it was aye!!!!!!! did you c divide and conquer??? that ep was soooooo cute as well, well the scene


"i didnt leave because i would rather die myself than lose carter." "why?" "cos i care about her, alot more than im suposed to"

was really cute aswell!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolly2:
I totally agree. This was a really good episode. I'm not a shipper, but I love the angst, especially Jack's. Janet was good too, although I would have liked to be able to see even more emotion out of her. Jack has to act all military and detatched, but how 'bout a Janet/Daniel scene where they try to console each other because they both know they have to hold it together in front of Jack. All in all though, bit thumbs up!

Yeah, I can see a Janet/Daniel interaction thing here. I'd like to see a bit more of it, in fact. No... I'm *not* suggesting a relationship, but they've got to have a bit more history and friendship then him just being her patient all the time. It'd be interesting to see the two interact a bit more often. Daniel's a stong man, he doesn't always have to be in the 'needy' position to relate to Janet.

You know, fan fics are always having the gang meeting at someone's house for pizza. I think TPTB should pick up on this and have some outside the SGC scenes. Maybe a couple more scenes like dinner at O'Malleys from Upgrades or lunch from 2010.
Night out

Yeah. I think the reason folks stick 'close to home' in their writing is Teal'c. But I can't sea a reason why everyone couldn't go over to the Petterson AFB Officer's club or Ft. Carson's O club.

Heck.. into 'the Springs' for beer and pizza at a tavern or a pub. there's more to life than your living room. ;)
The "Gang" could come over to my house, I'll keep Tealc busy while they visited the "Officers"club on NAS(Pensacola) :naughty:
I really liked this ep also. I think that Jack should have looked a bit more upset, or concerned about what happened to Sam. Teal'c did have a pretty minor part. But he has his moments. I loved the bit when Sam was calling for help through the computer system.
I loved this ep!!

but i agree with lisa, it would have been so much betta if jack had been more concerned, but then sg1 come face to face with death so often, and he dosnt show to much concern very often, lol, theres the occasionll goody eg. upgrades!

but most eps its just o damn we're gonna die again eg. fail safe


great ep tho amanda was awesome!
Too true Sarah. . .
, but then sg1 come face to face with death so often, and he dosnt show to much concern very often, lol, theres the occasionll goody eg. upgrades!

I love in Divide and Conquer, when it shows exactly what happened in Upgrades. it was really sad too.:(
Homer O'Neill

There's a definite Homer Simpson moment when O'Neill is playing with the camera that keeps following him around the Control Room.

"Hey, I think it likes me!"

The same goes for when he's being displayed on the screen in the Briefing Room.

"Do I look fat?"

By the way, did anyone else notice that on Jack's record it say's his name is Jonathan O'Neill. I know this is consistent with the movie, but if he's called Jonathan then why does everyone call him Jack?
his middle name is Jack. I though there was lot's of emotion in his face...for Jack that is...when he realized he had to & did...

haven't been over here a while, are we still using spoiler spaces?

kill Sam...shipper at heart of course:blush:

Merged two threads on this episode, if anyone thinks things look different.

Thanx Rowan. Don't know if you've got to it but after I PMed I noticed a lot more duplicate threads over here is S4.

I still don't understand how Jack & Teal'c could survive drifting in space before being ringed in though...it seemed rather long or did they slow it down just for show but really ment to be like a second or 2?

I went on a clean up binge on S4. Plan to do my other threads this week. :D

As for jack and Teal'c, that's something I've wondered. You do have a certain small time space for exposure to vacumn, but not as long as they were without seeing some form of at least surface changes: skin motteling, broken vessels on the surface of the eye, etc. I kind of get the feeling this ep. was 'mapped out' and when it got down to the actual filming, they realized they'd have to fudge to get it to work.

Up until then, it was pretty accurate. I loved the fact they used 'Zulu' for their time checks and allowed for distance in reply.