4.20: Entity

remember foothold? take another look at the beginning when siler is pushing teal'c through the halls...i swear t-man is barely staying on the thing...any of you ever watch mash? remember the one with the guerney races around the camp and 'bouncing betty'...oops another plot bunny just passed by. take a couple of guerney and a handful of bored sgc members and i think you get a nice slapstick fic...mmmmm:eek:
Yeah, right, Jack and Daniel get to push Sam and Janet on gurneys and the poor T-man gets a handicap of pushing Hammond (for weight to make it more equal) or Siler and one of the Davises(same reason). Poor T-Man, they just won't let him win normally!:mad:
:confused: dumb questions time............how far is the medical's joint from the "Gate"?..........why have they change the ramp from the "Hard" surface?:confused:
Not dumb ...

Not dumb... good questions.

Distance from gate room to infirmary... I'll have to check that out.

Grate vers. solid surface: Solid can get very slik very fast, grateing gives more traction. And is easier to clean the gooey bits off with a hose.
gateroom is on level 28 and informary is on level 21...so it's a bit of a jaunt
i think the gate ramp is grading because it makes more noise when people walk over it - the sound people probably have a field day when the put on that sound effect.:p
as often as they come careening thorugh the gate i'd think they'd put down some mats or something...those landings gotta hurt
i saw the behind the scenes of season two :D and it had a shot from Bane when sg1 bring teal'c back throught the gate and daniel and Jack (or Jack and sam, can't remeber) are holding teal'c over their shoulders.

Anyway in the shot that we see they bring him throgh and put him on the ramp - the shot is from knees up. in the behind the scenes shot some crew member puts a red mat where CJ lands :rolleyes: my point being the ramp obviuosly hurts the actors.
:D Thanks guys for the infro...........I also saw the behind the scene when they put a mat down for CJ...........(wishing I was there:rolleyes:
yeah i wish that i was there to.

my god wots there to talk about now that SG1 has finished for a couple of months.

Entity: hmmmmmmm wonder how long sams recovery time was, i mean she went into depression after jolinar, this time wasn't that different
it's been implied that she just had a headache and was tired...at least that's what the injury thingie on stargate command said...then agian they also said davis had 2&3rd degree burns when they were just 1st & 2nd...
there's a plot bunny for ya...what happens when sam watches the security tape of jack killing her...:eek:
oh yeah wot will happen, obviuosly it didn damper their relationship cause double jep didn't show hate between - wot the hell am i talkin about?
course you realize jack's sorta got over his 'i'd rather die than lose carter' feelings...at least on the surface since he was the one to 'kill' her.
Yes, it was nice no ust between Sam and Jack...:aliengray
great ep. but.......

ok this was an awes episode!!! but i have to say when jack heard that they were gonna pull the plug on sam his reaction wasnt wat it cud have been, i mean hes sposed to be i love with her!!!! i mean a "give her a few more minutes" or wat eav he said sumthing like that, it wasnt enuff!!!!!
you have to realize that it is against the regs to express emotions like that... The scene between Jack and Hammond should have told that! There can be several interps to the way that scene played!
I fink JSC is right, also, I believe that the writers were trying to placate the non-shippers after the Window-of-opportuniy-snog thing which caused way more uproar than they were expecting, so I think they were trying to keep a low profile on what could've been a big messy hair-tearing grief fest. I applaude them for it (depsite being of the slightly shipper persuasion myself).

Man, if I keep putting my twopenneth worth in like this, I'm gonna be skint :D
If they were trying to please the non-shippers out there, I think they succeeded. I am one of those who don't want to see S & J in a relationship, but love the angst of the feelings that can't/shouldn't grow but are definitely there. I loved Jack being so torn up, but not able to show it, both because of the type of person he is and the regulations.

As to the thought that he had gotten over the whole "couldn't bear to lose Carter" thing, I totally disagree. He doesn't mind dying trying to save her, but he is a military man first and foremost. He would never risk the security of the SGC, not even for his team.

Liked this episode a lot. Could have stood for a bit more emotion on Janet's part, but what we got was good.
yeh i guess, i myself would love to see a sam and jack thing on the show, but most veiwers would hate it!!!
but yeh i thought janet would have shown a tad more emotion, i mean sam and her have become really close freinds, eg.in divide and conquer when she was drugging sam and sam says to her "janet" sam kinda expressed everything she was feeling about the whole jack thang into that little word and janet knew exactly wat she was talking about, i thought that kinda thing would have made janet really upset when she knew she was gonna have to pull the plug. but i guess she kinda knew how jack felt too, so that made her kinda sympathetic towards their situation so that cuold be why she wasnt to sad.