Xena:where next?


lost in Time
Jan 30, 2001
I go to Acen every year. and now I go to 2 scifi c


2 ;)



5 :)



8 :p


10 :cool:

So Xena just saved Ares' butt, Again. :) The farm thing was cute. :cool: And the way Xena Handled the whole thing was just too awesome. Having Gabriel throw them off was an excellent idea. :)

Where's Eve? I missed a few eps and she seemed to dissapear. :(
Season... Not sure

Actually I'm Not sure what season it is. :( I didn't watch it from the begining. Started watching a few years ago. :) Got into it from Hercules. :p I live in Central USA.
What I do know about the season is (Spoiler?) Ares is human, :) Xena has killed most of the Gods, :) Eve is grown up, Gabrielle has short hair and a more warrior outlook on life. :cool:

Why? Are you not this far??? Where do you live? ;)
geez, that is way ahead of Australia (tasmania) better not read any more, xena is the one show i dont read spoilers for
Don't go away, please....

We could talk about the season your in. :) I Actually think I missed a whole season or two. In fact during the first season I wasn't into it so if you'd like to talk about any ep I'd be glad to chat with you on it. :)

Xena seasons

The episodes Asmiley is discussing are from season 6.
In Australia several of season 5 have aired but NOT in chronological order.. Typical.
ima not going anywhere :)

i missed heaps of episodes, because tasmania gets so stuffed around, but our broadcaster shows them in order. before the xenas baby story line i last remember seeing gabrielle with long hair, what happened?
hi there asmiley, i've seen xena up to, whoops need a spoiler
where she's in the future, her daughter was fighting for the romans i think it was season 6?...peachy
i've seen all that season asmiley, waiting on the new one coming on sky...peachy
The last ep I saw was....











...the ep where Artemis's son tried killing all the Amazons and ended up kidnapping the Queen.... And Gabrielle became in charge of the Amazons for the show. With help from Xena they won the battle... technically. From the end when Gabrielle said she didn't really win cause she loses herself every time she battles. And now we have the discovery that Xena can kill half gods cause they are half Mortal!

Man can this show get any deeper than Gab's thoughts and any better than Xena's excellent skills?
Better if..........

Better, Best if only they would give us one good episode or two of Xena and Aries (FINE!) together atlast. They could be so good together. No one else is any match for her. :D
So it would seem, but his love is genuine I feel.

A write in couldn't hurt, however. :upto: :wink2:
Is this the end then?
I read somewhere that USA network would never make a movie. And since they owned the rights to Xena that a movie is only a dream that will never be realized.

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