4.21: Double Jeopardy

Plot bunnies are ideas that just pop up that make a writer want to write. Sometimes they are enough for a fan fic sometimes just good for one liners. So a plot bunny smile would be a smiley for a plot bunny. Somes times a nice smile sometimes an EVIL GRIN!
someone should pop over to MS official site thingee and tell him to get his booty over here. :rolleyes:

has anyone noticed that we've run out of things to talk about
nah, there's always something to talk about...wonder how long the robots kept up the jack's the boss military protocol thing?
we never really did get to see jack really interacting with HIS team...wonder if they were more equals not?
any thoughts?
:rolleyes: Naaaaaahhhhhhh, we haven't run out of things to talk about........................ we can always wonder if the guys wear briefs or boxers underwears :eek: (I says Tealc proably wear briefs)
ummm...if i remember correctly two of the guys as last years gatecon i think, were asked the boxers or briefs question...the answer was boxer/briefs and i think the proceeded to show the attendees...NOW THAT'S SOMETHING I'M HOPING IS A GATECON TRADITION AND I GET TO SEE IN A FEW MONTHS...IF SO I'M TAKING PICS, WITH THE TELOPHOTO LENS.......:eek:
well if your ever planning on selling copies of those photo's skydiver, give me a shout, please (haha)...peachy
if i take a couple of at & tr i'm sure padders will let me post em here...i just have a funny feeling...;)
CJ's answer was neither... and DSD said that the general liked to "swing free" so I can imagine there will be at least two no shows! And it was Jay and JR who proceeded to show and tell not just tell!
The rate that your talking i'll have tp get my ass over to conventions thread, but until then - where's the next gatecon? :aliengray
see, someone should get him a 'i'm with stupid' to wear around jack...it'd be freaking hysterical:rolly2:
you should send him one with wearing instruction.. see if he does..thatd be kewl:aliengray
The gang on Stargate is note for their senses of humor! This could be a watch out thing! CJ especially is a practical joker.... He might like the T idea!!!:cool:
okay, show folks that lurk here...make him wear an i'm with stupid to gate gon!!!!!

i double dog dare ya!!!!:rolly2:
just dropping by...

hey there!

I know i'm completly out of the subject ( well, not the thread...) but I just had to say it ( write it?)

DJ was my fav episode of the fourth season. Why? hello! 2 Jacks!!!! 2 JACK! The scene when they are arguing is SOOOOOOO good.:rolly2: :rolly2: I wished Carter didn't stop the fight!!!!

+ MS did a great job I think.

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