4.21: Double Jeopardy

hey jaxie- glad you finally got to see the epi-- how far behind are you?? we're already done until summer:(
sob sob!!
go back and check out dj again- sams hair was cut from beneath the surface on but seems to be growing back out again but if you look close they seemed to use a wig for her double so the duplicate sam looks like she did in tin man and the sam for jack his hair isn't so grey. you can't tell with daniel with the bandanna thou
cool huh??
Did anyone notice that Teal'c was not carrying a staff weapon!
too busy moaning the fact that daniel was only in it for about 5 mins, to notice anything else...peachy
The parts that he was in were way cool though, i loved him in his head scarf.

Um, NZ gets Exodus in Five days then it's all over until about october/september.

i'd say AT has lost some weight coz you can soooo tell it's her for both sams (i hope you kniow what i mean)

gotta go, school bell just rung.

i know what you mean jaxie... i talk like that alot too.
now i have to go back and rewatch the epi to check out a weaponless teal'c. jsc-- you guys are soooooo good at picking up detail.
and if i remember correctly the clones are carrying mp-5's while the real ones have the p-90's which they started carrying this year

ya know they use real guns, ones that can actually fire real live bullets...just face bullets obvioulsy
They are usually called blanks. I have not heard the term 'face bullets' before, but that doesn't mean it isn't some sort of terminology that isn't commonly used.

With many military weapons blanks are used with something called a BFA (Blank Firing Attachment), an apparatus which fits over the end of the barrel used during training exercises. But I'm sure that someone may contradict me on that.

It's hardly surprising that the actors actually handle what looks like the real weaponry which would be current used by the US military. Whether or not they're replicas or the real weapons I wouldn't know, unless of course I got to handle one.
umm....:eek: how about fake bullets...meaming blanks. i can spell i just can't type i guess.

one of the behind the scenes shows i saw says they use real guns, course it was back in season 1-2...but of course they're loaded with blanks, which just makes them less dangerous as blanks are real rounds, just without a metal bullet...actors have been killed by playing around with blanks.
ooh so i didn't spill the beans about the top secret face bullets that doctors are using to give way too rich bimbos a facelift. i'm glad...i feel so much better now.

back to the ep. - major facials from AT when her clone is pulling the green crystals away.

i love the 'static' line from the jack clone and i lovvvvvvve Harlan :)

Although he's not as good as Urgo :cool:
ok really really strange things. i posted, then put in a color...btw green is really hard to read...then tried to edit it and it all went away...
oh well, all i was originally going to say was i have a horrendous duo for ya, what if aris boch got an urgo...now that would be great!
Sounds like fic time to me! Who wants a plot bunny?

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