4.21: Double Jeopardy

I agree, the killing of cronos wa a pretty mayor point for the season as a whole, but the way it was done centered on Teal'c's personal revenge rather than Tau'ri versus Go'auld...the directing of the death scene was good, with cronos taking pleasure in causing pain to Teal'c, then seeing his expression close up as Teal'c#2 blasted him from behind. Nice directing from MS!!

Also I think that the "real" SG-1 were not really sent to rescue their counterparts, but to re-liberate the planet, as they had done when they drove Her'urs Jaffa from it and freed the people....they now see that another Go'auld has come in and taken over, and they feel responsibe for the retribution that was paid by the natives for their uprising...so they go to put it right again.

The hype about DJ being MS first take at directing might have made it an odd episode for some to watch, but I found his work so smooth and seemless that I glossed right over that aspect from square one.

I went back and reran the ep. to watch from a 'directors' standpoint and was a bit amused to see that it pretty much had the feel of a stage production [the PoV's were straight on or side shots], not your usualy TV production [odd angles shots, irsing pans, etc]. You could see his theater background in his approach, but it certainly did detract from the piece.

I can see why he was too tired to even consider GateCon last year.
The Director does what his name inmplies. He heards the story along. He shows the actors where to stand, when to move, Does camera angles, determines what is to be shot, cut, printed, how the actors are doing, oversees characterizations and development makessure the story has flow, sense, paceet cetera. He has help and he needs it...he is simply the storyteller... his vision is the final product of many other visions.
Director comments

First, I want to correct my previous post. I meant to say 'didn't' not did. I think Michael did a wonderful job.

I've always thought directing would be a wonderful job... painting stories with color, action and people. I know I enjoyed the small amount of conducting I had the chance to do [High School and College band]. Again: painting pictures, but this time with tone, tempo and rthymn.
like everyone else, i loved this eppy to! it was great to see old harlan again (tinman rated in my top 5)

the bit with 'jack' and 'jack' are the funniest!
i posted this under prodigy too!

i was reading an article that said ms was originally supposed to direct prodigy but last minute it was changed to dj. the at article i was reading said that
dj was a much harder epi to direct cause of all the explosions and two people one actor problems.

btw did anyone else notice that jack and sam's hair styles on the robots were different. they were the same hair styles the actors had at the time of cloning. way to do details!!!
I too re-watched the epi, watching the direction so to speak, and I thought he did a great job. he didn't use cliched camera shots, I thought the shots flowed very smoothly, and the blocking was also really good.

Rowan: "Epicenter Central", huh. We got your weather, you got our earthquakes. I think we got the better end of that deal! Seriously, hope all is ok with you and yours.

On the whole, we did very well. Haven't had one this high in a very long time [discussion is 6.8 - 7.0].

We up here in the Pacific N/w like to 'save up', so to speak. Earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, the orrosional tornadoes, tusnami's.

Not many of each, but just enough. :}

Oh yes. In my location, I was 5 miles north of the epicenter of a 6.8 - 7.0 quake that shook for about 40 seconds. Not much damage here, but Seattle, WA and Olympia, WA [north and south of me] got nailed. 1056 this AM [Wens. the 27th]

No tsunami though, so that's good.
yikes, that sounds like bad news... We're pretty lucky to never get quakes in the UK (well we do but you barely feel em - like 1 or 2 on the richter scale i guess)

Well... hopefully this is our quota for awhile.
glad you're ok rowan...never been in an earthquake..i was out in ca a few years ago and really felt cheated that they didn't have one...i've been through tornadoes(heck in kansas they're cliche), blizzard(just yesterday...oh goody...) and even had a hurricane make it this far inland...that was just like a really bad thunderstorm except it blew in from the south rather than the west...we flooded in 93...then again everyone flooded in 93...droughted most of my childhood, (didn't feel comfortable driving in the rain for years cause i wasnt' used to)...ice storms and all the rest but never an earth quake...
it is true what they say about kansas...if you don't like the weather, wait an hour it'll change...one day it was 70 that night a blizzard blew through with sub zero windchills...

in a year we can go from -20 to 109 real temps...not wind chills or heat indexes...
hey rowan glad to hear your cool. i was gonna ask ya howz it shakin"?? but then that sounds too much like a jack quote.
Good to know that you survived the quake relatively intact. But love the notice you posted on PM..."the mother of all quakes" .. 7.0 is one of the bigger ones in the US. But we can't say shake and bake country even though you are experiencing warmer weather than usual for this time of year!
As they say, it wasn't the "big one" but it was big enough, right?

Sorry we disappointed you on your trip to California, skydiver --- NOT! Little ones seem to breed big ones: I can do without any of any size.

jsc mentioned 'shake and bake'. For some reason, ours seem to happen during periods of unusual heat.

woo woo, finally got my own 'little friend'.
kewl shiloh, what cha gonna name it?

i guess i'll curb my disappointment about the earthquake. there are fault lines here in kansas and they've said if one of them go it's gonna be nasty cause we're more worried about basements here than making a building earthquake resistant...some have said even a 4 or 5 could do sig damage...

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