4.21: Double Jeopardy


Daniels Beloved
Dec 2, 2000
i can't wait to see this episode, it sounds really good,
this is the one the gorgous, and talented m.s directs.
2 more days to wait till its on...peachy
right well when you guys finally see it, ya gotta tell me about it. puleeeeeesee
Last I heard, it was supposed to be Entity instead of Double J tonight. But the news keep on changing so... Can't be 100% sure until tonight.
well i was all set up ready to watch double jeapardy, and
t.p.t.b went and changed it to entity, which was quite
good, but i was so looking forward to M.S directing debut
i hate it when they do that, now i have to wait another
week for D.J...peachy
patience is a virture..or some crap like that.;)

does anyone know what its about?
spoiler alert!!!!!!

jaxie, it's about teal'c trying to get revenge on cronis for killing his father, and the tin men are supposed to be in it as well. hopefully it will be on this wed...peachy
ah that means you guys wont start posting about for another two days, aaaaaaaaaargh.

*deep deep breaths* no wait i can handle it.
finger's crossed, it should be on tomorrow (wed).
i'm really looking forward to it...peachy
Yup it was on - liked it!

Two Jacks -what more could I ask for?

Loved the "flyboy" and 'Daniel' closing his eyes

Don't know much about directing but MS seemed to do as good a job as any one else
I enjoyed this ep, spoilers nice to see the ends tied up from the previous episode (forget the name of it) with the "cumtraya" bloke and the "doubles" of SG-1. Notice that Daniel wasn't in it much (after he got his head blown off), too busy directing...
Two Jack's was certainly a bonus, but


I wish that they could have explored the feelings of the real SG-1 at the events that occurred to the 'fake' team at the end. I mean how weird must that have been!
Ok Jaxie, here it goes! Jack gets to be sarcastic to himself and then tries to fight with himself too. V. funny. SG-1 and fake SG-1 get to save a world (for the second time around) and Teal'c kicks Cronus ass big time.
Sam is her usual brilliant self and Daniel, boy is that guy cute wearing a headscarf!!
Sad ending tho' but leads iterestingly in to Exodus I believe.

OK you want it, here it comes:

Gate opens on planet (missed the name) and out come SG1. Shortly after they come under attack by Jaffa + natives, Jack gets zatted. While the others are being held, one of the natives recognises them as SG1, and names them, but they dont recognise him or the planet.
Meanwhile Jack comes to and escapes. The rest of SG1 are held by the natives, one of them says that SG1 helped them to free themselves from Her'ur's minnions a while back, again SG1 are blank. They are brought before the head Go'auld, chief big man, underling of Chronos. He recognises Teal'c, etc etc...
Jack finds the native guy who recognised them and the guy tells them he was wrong, the Go'auld are gods etc, but again Jack has no idea about what happened in the supposed previous encounter.
The rest of SG1 are brought before Chronos, who arrives by mothership. Jack has assumed the identity of one of the native soldiers and is at the meeting. Chronos tells SG1 that the peace treaty between Earth, Asgard & Go'auld does not apply on his planets.
The native guy who recognised SG1 is rewarded for capturing them by being chosen to kill Daniel with a staff weapon. He fires and Daniel gets his head blown off :eek:
But then we see that this is not a human, but a robot.

Meanwhile, back at the SGC, an incoming wormhole starts up and the signal comes through, but not an SG team signal, but the ID code says "cumtraya". Hammond wonders what it is, Jack and Sam recognise it, Jack says dont open, but Sam says theres no threat, so the IRIS is opened...

(this is where my lack of episode title knowledge stumps me... the epsiode where a guy replicates SG1 as robots to sustain his facility and keep him company. The real SG1 arent too impressed, and in exchange for letting the robot SG1 live on, they must bury their gate....)

Anyway.... the cumtraya bloke comes through, and explains that the robot SG1 have been going on missions, and are 16 hours overdue, with about 8 hours power left.

The gate is opened to the planet and a malp sent though. THe robot Jack makes contact with the SGC and SG1 decide to go through and liberate the planet again, after all they were the ones who freed them from Her'ur. They go through and after a brief Jack-Jack fight, they team up and decide to go to the mothership and fight Cronos/free the other SG1.
Meanwhile the native guy's faith in Cronos has been broken because his 'god' was shocked by the robot Daniel, and has joined up with SG1. They have to get aboard the mothership using the rings within a huge pyramid.

To cut a long story short, they get aboard, and the robot SG1 sacrifice themselves one by one along the way to save SG1s butts... Teal'c gets to kill Cronos to avenge his fathers death and the planet is free once more...

I'm getting tired ;) so no more.....
i liked this too, M.S did a good job with his debut directing, and 2 jacks was just great, only 1 complaint,no daniel again except for the little bit at the start, and boy he does look cute in that headscarf, i also liked the bit where he closed his eyes as he was about to be shot, he just looked sooo sweet, i am getting series withdrawel symptoms here, with the lack of daniel, and to make it worse the last episode is next week aaarrrrggg...peachy

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