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Jan 5, 2001
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No one has posted any thing here at all so thought that I would.
You know we've got people busting their asses on this site while you're out posting Grim's fairy tales! :p
Grims fairy tales?

hmmmmmm Skinner. well, he's developed. Back then he was a complete jackass and really boss type machoism. but he grew outta that i quess he became really nice and caring especially when Mulder took a walk.

Was he married i think he was wasn't he?

There ya go D676 something to reply to

I like the character of Skinner, he's like a father figure to Mulder & Scully after
all that time. Although sometimes in the seasons you couldn't tell is he was
trust worthy. I think he have show he really care for his agents. :rolly2:
yeah he's developed a caring side - bout bloody time :p
I like Skinner. In my eyes he is a bit of a babe. Older man type syndrome. Heehee!!!!

I have to confess his is the first autograph from the film that I have. My hubby bought it me as a present.

Annette.:rolly2: :D :laugh2:

I like the Skinner character. He has experienced something in his past (this came out in an early episode but I can't remember what it was) which makes him a believer and supported of the investigations into the X-files.

He is only a little man though when it comes to the chain of command in the FBI and does what he is told when he is leaned on from above, so at times he seems to sell out on Mulder and Scully.

His caring side comes out when he goes against orders from above and sticks his neck out for M+S but he does not do it very often.

He is friend more than foe....... I think.

Re: Skinner

Yes, I agree. He's more a friend. I think he have show it a this time.

Krystal :rolly2:
If I remember correctly Skinner had a near death experience while in Vietnam.

I really like the character.... and I also like him better now that he 'believes'!

The new Deputy Director has taken over Skinners old 'busting their asses' role now.

Isn't an Assistant Director supposed to be pretty high up? I just heard him talking to Doggett about becoming one and it sounded difficult, but he does seem to be only a 'small cog' in the FBI workings in other episodes.
I like the character of Skinner, he's like a father figure to Mulder & Scully

Yeah i agree with that. Wasn't he the first one Scully told about her pregnancy and he did seem geniunely pleased!

Maria :star:
Skinner was the first one Scully told about being pregnant. She was very tearful in the episode.

He's such a sweetie. I really like his character. I wasn't too keen at first but he's grown on me.

annette :D
I wouldn't like him as a boss but maybe as a 'friend' in all senses of the word.

annette :)
okay...well...I did like Skinner...but then I watched the season 8 finale and now I'd like to draw and quarter him
actually I don't hate him....I was just a bit miffed that he killed cold blood mind you...but I really do like his character most of the time

u didnt mark it with a spoiler dia!!! he dies..........>cries<
i hate skinner!kill him now! :dead: :mad:
Okay so he's not really so bad. He just annoyed the heck out of me. I do think Skinner is a very cool chracter and he added a lot to the show, especially in the last couple seasons.

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