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Nov 28, 2002
Does anyone else her like Epic fantasy RPG's? Some of my favorites are The Legend Of Zelda:Ocarina Of Time (On the N64), The Illusion Of Time/The Illusion Of Gaia (On the SNES), Final Fantasy VII and IX (On the PSX) and Shenmue (On the Dreamcast). I am Currently looking foward to Zelda on the Gamecube and Project Ego on the X-Box. What other Epic RPG's do you guys like?
Was always tempted by Baldur's Gate - but just didn't want to get sucked into something that huge.

Never actually played Zelda, saw it around, but never had a Nintendo. I did know someone who bought the system just for that game!

Considering buying Mediaeval Total War on PC though...
I have to be ultra careful with buying games - bought "Age of Empires 2" a couple of years back, and didn;t do any writing whatsoever for about four months.

That's not good.

I allowed myself to buy "Operation Flashpoint" in January, and spent the first half of the year engrossed in it, before realising I ought to start "Emperor".

I had gotten so into OFP that I actually started learning a little coding and scripting for building custom missions. It helped immensely when it came to redesigning this site, though - I found myself far more comfortable with HTML editing and Javascript because of it, as there wasn't a great difference in the way the coding is used.

Certainly more constructive than the four months I spent playing Doom. :D
Iv'e never actually played Operation Flashpoint, but it looks pretty good, I have been toying with the idea of getting it for a while. I too love building my own levels, I was quite impressed that Timesplitters 2 (PS2/Gamecube/XBox) had a level editor and I have currently been enjoying plaing through that. I Just bought Starfox Adventures on the Cube but have only put in a few hours so far. It seems OK but is not plot driven enough - Zelda will be the one for me I think. Eternal Darkness also looks great, I will buy that on payday, and its made by the people who brought us the Legacy Of Kain and Soul Reaver games, both of which are cool fantasy RPG's which too are heavily plot driven.
If there are any Zelda fans out there awaiting the new Zelda game on the Gamecube, then I have some spectacular new that will make your day. For those who preorder the game within a month of its release in America, you will get a free bonus game disc. This disc will contain 2 versions of the N64 classic The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. The first version is simply the original version with higher resolution graphics (worth the money on its own!!!!). The second version is the much sought after and discussed Ura-Zelda, which is basically an extended version of Ocarina Of Time with more areas, dungeons and plot, what more could you ask for. There is only one catch, the disc has not yet been comfirmed for release in the UK. It is early yet, but if its not confimed in the next month I may have to fork out for an American Cube especially, That is unless the Freeloader is finally released.
A few bits of computer game news

(a) Nintendo have just released a statement saying that they are producing a new console to battle the XBox2 and the PS3. Its early days yet however.

(b) Rumours of a new Sega console are being banded about. As far as I can tell these are so far unsubstansiated, but if anyone can confirm or otherwise the existance of such a machine it would be appreciated.

(c) A huge one this. Nintendo and Sony executives announced that they had come to a legal agreement over the rights to the name 'Playstation'. The name, which was originaly given to a joint-venture CD rom based add-on for the Super Nintendo, was technically, a joint-owned copyright. Sony has agreed to pay Nintendo 10% of all past and future proceeds made off of the name. This ammounts to a whopping $2.3 billion in back-payments. Nintendo will allow Sony to pay the money back in installments instead of a lump sum over the next 20 years. However, Nintendo has plans for their new found source of income. They will immidietly finance a new game studio called 'The Artists Group' which will feature members of Sega, Nintendo, Namco, Capcom, Konami, Tecmo, Square-Enix and more to collaborate on projects for Nintendo systems, and exchange copyrighted properties. The first projects announced out of this new studio are a new RPG using various gaming icons as the central charachters, a new Smash Brothers game, featuring mascots from accross the companies, including Pacman, Megaman, Sonic, Mario and more, as well as a new Sega-AM2 developed racing game that will also feature multiple icons from the various companies. The final collaboration is the recently announced Viewtifull Joe from Capcom stuidios. Nintendo has also promised that completely original more collaborations between studios will take place in the future, but for now, they will be focusing on quality content showcasing the newfound bond between the various development houses. Contrary to internet rumors however, Nintendo has not as of yet purchased any software developers, and as such, all members of the Artists Group will be allowed to explore development on other systems of their own accord. This can only be good news for RPG fans, and fans of classic games characters.
YEAH! Go Nintendo! Go Super Smash Brothers! I can't wait to see that game now that they have the liscence to some of my favourite non-nintendo characters.
I love the characters and stories in the nintendo games. I've always wanted to read a novel or something about covering the adventures of Mario, Fox McCloud, or Link.
I got the new Star Fox game for Christmas, finished it a couple days ago. It's great. Plays just like Ocarina of Time but without all the searching for hidden things. Its good sometimes, but since you can't replay once you beat the game, everything is pretty much straight forward. I missed one thing in the entire game, i thought I'd just go back and get it, since i knew exactly what and where it was but i couldn't replay at all.
Now I'm getting into Metroid: Prime. Never been that good with shooters but I'm trying hard to get good at this game before i have to go back to school and all my gaming is stalled.

Kilroy Was Here
What is Metroid like?

I have read a few reviews and it looks amazing. I like the idea of having RPGesque elements in a First Person Shooter. Does it work well?

The new version of Smash Brothers does sound great, and it does seem that Nintendo are pulling out all the shots at the moment. I love the idea of having Pacman in Smash Brothers, and that Sonic Mega Collection game looks great. I bought a Saturn specially to play Sonic Jam!
Nintendo has still not confimed if the Gamecube Zelda bonus disc will be released over here. I might have to buy a US Cube especially :'( :'(

Did any ever find any evidence of that new Sega console?? ??? ???
Was it just another bullsh** internet rumour?? :'( :'(
Some Gamecube News

It would seem that the Gamecube is going online in the UK an awful lot sooner than anyone could have possibly imagined. By March this year, and 2 weeks before the launch of XBox Live, Fantasy Star Online I & II will be released for the Gamecube. Gamers will be able to take part in MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) from their consoles, a market traditionally only open to PC gamers (and fans of Phantasy Star on the Dreamcast). In Japan the game came packaged with a 56k modem at a reasonable price, Nintendo are promising that both the 56k modem and the Broadband adaptor will be available for the lauch of Phantasy Star. It will be a great Springtime for fans of Nintendo and RPG's alike. With Zelda looking all set for a May release we wait ... .... oh how we wait.

(p.s. does anyone actually read these posts?)
Oh, I read them! But I don't have anything more complex than a Playstation 1. My girlfriend mostly plays on that anyway - especially when I'm on the internet. :)

I think she's after a PSII, though. Maybe a Gamecube would be better for the kids? I don't know - but I think the next thing we'll be saving up for to buy will be a widescreen TV. Then I'll consider other stuff. ;)
Here's an old weakness of mine - Panzer General - old hex turn-based strategy war gaming - but on PC.

If you visit here you can now download Panzer General and Allied General. Very old but I find them fun. And now free!
Anyone played Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind, on the PC or XBox, I have just started it on the PC its amazing. A first person fantasy epic that lives up to its genre. It has some of the most ellaborate and vast realistic landscapes, that I have ever seen in a game. You can create any number of cool characters, and the game changes depenant on how you play it. You can become a guard, a wizard, start stealing, and then join a guild of thieves, the possibilities are breathtaking, just like the scale. If youve not played it - give it a go.
Good call - I'll keep an eye out. I've got to make sure "Emperor" is all ready for agents over the next few months - but after then I'll need a lot of distractions. Perhaps I can treat myself to a game for 2003. I've been meaning to watch for a very decent RPG game, preferably with very decent graphics...! For the moment, I'll let you report whether you have any serious bug problems... ;)
I think you would love the Score, At times it reminds me of your Chronicles CD. It is very cool, and so far I have found no bugs, which is good.
If anyone here has a UK Gamecube and wants to play US and Japanese games, then now you can. Datel have just released their Freeloader import disc. You put the disc in and it unlocks your Cube so it will play import games, which is very cool. I am currently playing through a US copy of Metroid, which is great, and am eagerly awaiting the release of Zelda in the States. For years UK gamers have got the short straw when it comes to releases, now at least for Gamecube owners, it no longer matters.
Yeah - I just get so annoyed with the notion of having to download patches.

You buy a game - two weeks later the first patch comes out that fixes an annoying bug you found - but then affects gameplay.

One great thing about Operation Flashpoint is creating your own missions - and a terrible thing about it is that with almost every patch missions made on older versions refuse to work properly. So I've downgraded to a nice level and stuck my fingers up at the whole upgrade/patch concept. Shame, as I used to admin on a flashpoint site as well.

Really, I was always gagging to use a sword instead of a M16, tho'... ;)

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