Rebellian, Retribution, Reconnasiance etc.


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Sep 5, 2000
Has anybody read the books by by Bill McCay? (Rebellion etc.) i know they are not about the series, but i would like to know if they are worth buying?
yup, there pretty good, no mention of sam or daniel, a bit more gory that the TV series, but i recommend them and besides thay are to do with Stargate :)

my bro loved them!!
Rebellion books

As long as you don't try to fit this series of books into the shows they are very good. I enjoyed the series myself and have loaned them to my parents. They also enjoyed them as well. I have also read Stargate SG-1, The price you pay, and am now reading The first amendment, all written by Ashley McConnell. They are more in line with the TV series. There's also a new one comeing out next month which I have pre ordered from I hope they keep the books and shows comeing for a few more years at least.
thanks, when i get financial again, i will order them.
is there any mention of characters that could be sam or teal'c joining SG-1 in reconnaissance? i've just ordered it from my bookshop, and i expect they'll need a physicist. barbara shore, perhaps?
These books are a continuation of sorts from the orginal movie.

I loved them, did you ever get them?


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