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Sep 24, 2000
well this is more than a little off topic but if this forum is like another one, there's a lot (at least a few) pretender fans lurking.
i was just reading the tv guide and they announced the first of the pretender movies will air jan 22 at 8pm eastern (us times) on tnt.
about the only other spoiler stuff was that he and miss parker had some scenes and 'there's even some attraction'
then the interviewer says
'wait, hasn't it been hinted that they might be related?'
and mw answers 'you're not going to get that out of me.'

anyway they also mentioned that they just wrapped on a second movie to air 'later this year'

so...all ya pretender fans better warm up your vcrs...
i liked the pretender when it was on, which was abs
ages ago. will it be the same actors in it?...peachy
as far as i know. they interviewed michael t weiss and he mentioned miss parker (andrea parker) so i know those two at least are continuing
So did you watch it? Wanna talk about it? I loved it. Answered some questions gave more questions.
well there be spoilage ahead:

you have been warned!!!

i watched it but i didn't 'watch' it so i may be missing some things.
obviously miss p, ethan and jared get rescued/survive the explosion.
during the course of the movie, ethan and jared join up and it is revealed that a 3rd pretender escaped the night jared did.
jared finde #2 that escaped with him, but he is killed, the third one is your garden variety sociopath...
mr raines is still alive and kicking...though mr lyle now has his there's a pretty picture
by the end it is revealed that mr. parker is NOT miss parker's is suggested that mr raines is...along with jared's and ethan's...which might make lyle miss p's bro through daddy...
and that at one time(maybe even now) catherin parker and jared's mommy knew each other...
all in all it answers a few questions...but leaves many more
yes spoilage for the unwary

I don't believe that when Raines said 'my children' in reference to jarod and miss p that he meant biologiclly. I think it's more on the order of they are what they are because of his behind the scence manipulations of the centre. I had suspected that Mr Parker was not miss p's father earlier in the series. He was so happy when baby parker was born and kept talking about having an heir.
I don't like to think that Catherine Parker and Jarod's mom are sisters either. Though my mom thinks they looked alike. I would like to see a screen capture of the picture of the 2 of them.
i have never been able to reallt get into the pretender, but australian tv networks stuff shows around so much, its no wonder.
I recently watched the movies again and there are a lot of answers and nearly as many new questions.

I'll have to dig out my notes and jot 'em down in here.

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