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Oct 8, 2000
In her spare time, Claudia has been filming a supporting role in Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned". Entertainment Sleuth/ reports (with all credits cited herein):


The Queen of the Damned
Genre: Horror/Sequel.

Studio: Warner Bros.
Production Company: Material.

Project Phase: Greenlighted.

Who's In It: Stuart Townsend (Lestat); Aaliyah (Akasha); Simon Baker; Claudia Black (Pandora); Vincent Perez (Marius); Renee Quast; Marguerite Moreau (Jesse Reeves).
Who's Making It: Michael Rymer (Director); Scott Abbott, Michael Pertoni (Screenwriters); Jorge Saralegui (Producer); Deborah Scott, Sandy Powell (Costume Designers, unconfirmed); Jonathan Davis, Richard Gibbs (Musical Score); based on the novel by Anne Rice.

Premise: Unknown.

Release Date: Unknown.

Comments: The Queen of the Damned was the third in the series of Rice's Vampire Chronicles books. It is also the novel that would best translate into the proper essential storytelling ingredients a studio wants to see in their major releases, a thought that at first might raise the defences of the fans of Lestat. Nevetheless, QofD has it all: primarily set in the modern day but laced with flashbacks, it provides a menance so great as to rally all the immortal vampires to stand against it if they want to survive. Rice's own blend of historical, existential and gothic prose is woven with a blend of the action you'd expect to see in a James Cameron blockbuster while flashbacks reveal the nature of the vampires themselves. In a dark movie theater, it'd be a helluva ride.

Rumors: Unknown.

Scoop Feedback:

August 6, 1998... Earlier this week we received an email informing us that Warner Bros., the studio which currently ownes the film rights to Rice's Vampire Chronicles books, has commissioned a script for a new vampire film -- but not the one most Chronicles fans expect. Instead of it being the direct sequel to Neil Jordan's 1995 film Interview With the Vampire, instead the project in development is the third novel of Rice's series, The Queen of the Damned. According to our scooper, "they've hired seasoned TV writer Scott Abott to pen an adaptation which should be on Warner Bros' desks by early September." Unfortunately our search on The Internet Movie Database failed to turn up any credits for Abott -- but perhaps the scooper misspelled his name and meant Scott Abbott, who's work does includes TV writing credits.

Fans of Rice's work who have access to the Web have been able to play the waiting game for the next Vampire film online with the author. On her official website, the author has posted messages about the problems associated with greenlighting a The Vampire Lestat film (even though Interview grossed more than $100 million domestically.) Answering an email from a reader named Jackie on April 30 of this past year, Rice updated her fans on the status of any future Vampire Chronicles film from WB:

"It will be years before there is any movie of THE VAMPIRE LESTAT. Warner Brothers owns the rights to all of the vampire novels, unfortunately, and there is simply no activity on these properties. There is some talk at the studio about doing THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED unless some background knowledge of the immortals involved is firmly developed in film."

"The key factor is that the entire vampire contract terminates in the year 2000. All the properties revert back to me at that time, unless production commences-principal photography that is-before then. I don't think it is possible for Warner Brothers to develop anything in that amount of time."

"They have not been receptive to me or to my ideas at all.

"Not very long ago, less than a year ago in fact, I begged the executives there to let me write a script for THE VAMPIRE LESTAT for union scale (the Writers Guild won't let you write it for free) and a deferred payment not due until release of the picture. They simply weren't interested. It was very painful for me, as I had been talking to a new director they'd hired and we were both excited about the idea.

"I felt snubbed and hurt and have not bothered to approach them since. The young director is supposed to be developing THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED which I think is a bad idea, and basically a doomed project.

"In spite of their showing no interest in me as the screen writer, they have not been able to find one themselves for this bizarre idea of THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED. I'm not too surprised. I think any respectable script writer would be crazy to tackle that novel without having fully developed the background story of Lestat. Anyway, that is where it is.

"Warner Brothers in the meantime has been having a string of financial failures. They have terminated the employment of Billy Gerber, the principle executive with whom I had dealings. They are not in good shape as a studio.

"My suspicion is that the vampire novels will all revert to me, free and clear in the year 2000, and if the world doesn't end then, I'll have them to set up with another studio. The whole thing is baffling and defeating because I love movies and I dream of seeing the vampires on film."

That means according to Rice a director has been already shepherding the project quietly through its development. A little further digging on our part revealed this jewel left in our Inbox this past May:

"Deborah Scott, of Titanic costuming fame is rumored to have been approached by Sandy Powell (costuming from Interview) to team up on the next installment of The Vampire Chronicles. The film will not be entirely based on the second Anne Rice book, but will include portions from the third novel (Queen of The Damned) as well." [Anonymous.]

So is the new QotD project in fact a mixture of Rice's The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned books? We've received countless requests for a page for The Vampire Lestat over CA's three-year existence but since the project seemed to be (for lack of a better word) dead there was really nothing to report. Perhaps this recent turn of developments indicates that WB may be trying to bring about a new Chronicles film -- and just in time to meet the requirements to retain the movie rights to Rice's novels into the next century.

[Our imparting of the Dark Gift was given to us by anonymous for revealing the name of the QotD screenwriter. Humble thanks are also given to 'Isis' for additional help as well as the many legions of fans who've scooped us their requests for a new Vampire Chronicles page.]

March 28, 1999... "Scott Abbott's screen adaptation of QotD was met with lukewarm reception by executives, writes our mysterious scooper, giving us our first real break since last summer. "Author Anne Rice was infuriated by the adaptation which oddly juxtaposed both the stories of LESTAT and QUEEN and turned the film into a romance centered around the character of Lestat and Jesse (an otherwise minor mortal character in the books.) Australian director Michael Rymer (who helmed the indie hit Angel Baby) is attached to the project. Author Anne Rice hammered off an infuriated letter to both writer Abbott, Warner Bros exec Carrie Esther Albert and director Michael Rymer, begging them not to put what she considers a terrible screen adaptation into the works." [Reported by an anonymous bloodsucker.]

We're the first ones to report of any development with this project. Even the The Official Anne Rice Web Site makes no mention of Abbott's script being turned in, let alone the author reported dissatisfaction with it. Stay tuned for further news.

July 6, 1999... While speaking to the Australian magazine Rip It Up, young actor Heath Ledger (to be shortly playing Mel Gibson's son in The Patriot) said he might be under consideration to star in Queen of the Damned. Ledger remained elusive and didn't say outright if he had been approached or just heard rumors, but he hazard to guess that his work on The Patriot would clash with the shooting schedule of QofD, thereby eliminating him from starring in it. [Special thanks to Annie Carson and 'Nazz' for the midnight snack.]

November 24, 1999... Tuesday's Variety reported about a religious thriller in development called Revelations, to star Danny DeVito. How this story fits into our Queen of the Damned coverage is that Variety mentioned that screenwriter Michael Pertoni, who wrote Revelations, is also adapting Queen of the Damned for Warner Brothers. Whether this means Pertoni is re-writing the last script by Scott Abbott, or that a new script has been commissioned, is unclear at this time. [Nick tapped us on the shoulder.]

February 22, 2000... Dark Horizons reported an interesting scoop this morning in regards to this seemingly damned Damned project. Jonathan Davis is the bagpipe-toting frontman for the band Korn. During a chat over at Talk City Live Davis stated, "I'm doing a movie, a score for the new Anne Rice movie Queen of the Damned. I'll be singing on it, and Munky and Head [both from Korn] will be playing guitar, Sam Rivers from Limp Bizkit playing bass, and that's what we are doing right now.". This is very interesting, since it's the first we've heard that this thing was surging forward toward production. There's been no announcement of shooting dates, a cast, or even if the same director remains attached to the project...which leads us to wonder just what the hell Davis knows that we don't. [Info taken from Dark Horizons; reported by Widgett.]

February 24, 2000... Well, looks like we know that what Korn frontman Jonathan Davis said in our last report was indeed the truth: yesterday's The Hollywood Reporter reported that Wes Bentley (American Beauty) is thinking about playing the part of Lestat in Queen of the Damned. This was the part Tom Cruise originated in the first Vampire Chronicles film, Interview With the Vampire. [Originally appeared in The Hollywood Reporter.]

March 1, 2000... Yesterday's The Hollywood Reporter said Bentley is in final negotiations with Warner Bros. to star in this film. Hollywood Reporter also mentions the film's script combines elements from Rice's The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned.

March 8, 2000... It was just announced on the Australian entertainment program The Movie Show today that Queen of the Damned will film in Melbourne, Victoria in May. [Thanks to 'Timelord'; originally appeared on The Movie Show.]

April 3, 2000... If you take a look at, nothing will come up, but we're betting that in a year the Official Queen of the Damned website will be there. A check with InterNIC registration shows that Warner Bros. purchased this domain on January 20th of this year. [How the 'LordofFlies' found this out, we don't know.]

April 7, 2000... Our latest scooper found out that has also been grabbed by Warner Bros. However, the .org is still avaliable, just in case someone out there still wants it. Uh huh. ['Wizard_25' did the sleuthing around.]

April 13, 2000... It looks like we've uncovered our second Damned cast member:

"As I was going to work I happen to hear an interview with rap singer Aaliyah on a local Washington DC radio station. The interviewers were telling her how good and convincing she was in Romeo Must Die (yeah right) and asked her if she had gotten any more scripts. Well, she said she had tons of scripts, but right now she was getting ready for her next project, Queen of the Damned, and she said was she was going to be playing a vampire (she didn't want to go into details). She also said that Wes Bentley (American Beauty) was going to play the role of Lestat and that she was thrilled to share the screen with him." [Thanks to the 'DC_Ghost' for tuning in.]

April 14, 2000... This afternoon we were scooped the info that Aaliyah is playing Akasha in the film, one of the first two vampires and the Queen of the Damned. ['Enkil' would know, since he's the other one.]

However, we've heard a rumor that today's edition of Variety reports Wes Bentley has now dropped out of the film. Remember, this report is unconfirmed for the moment -- but it does tie in with another scoop that we got that the actor is now looking closely at starring in Spider-Man. [Anonymous.]

Another report from one of our Australian readers says native actor Simon Baker (a.k.a. Simon Baker Denny) also has a role in Queen of the Damned, and that shooting will take place in Melbourne. Baker's been in such films as L.A. Confidential, Ride With the Devil and WB's upcoming Red Planet. [Scooped by Yvette.]

Yet another reader directs us to the webpage for this project, which plainly lists Liv Tyler (Armageddon) as part of the cast. [Sharp eyesight courtesy of Byron Dunn.]

April 19, 2000... We already know that Queen of the Damned will shoot in Melbourne this summer, but we didn't know why the city was chosen over all others. According to news stories running in all the city's major newspapers, Melbourne was selected because of the city's broad style of architecture; filmmakers feel it can stand in for places like New Orleans or Los Angeles, which will be seen in the film. [Col's been reading the local papers.]

Melbourne radio station Triple M is having a competition to get 10,000 extras assembled for the film's climactic scenes, described as "the setting for the movie's chilling finale." The venue? A rock concern where Lestat is playing.

The radio station also says the search is still underway for a new Lestat, and that the film is budgeted at $50 million. [Thanks Chris!]

May 16, 2000... E! Online is reporting that the project kicks off August 21st. [Originally appeared in E! Online.]

May 26, 2000... Queen of the Damned author Anne Rice has finally commented on the developing film. The following appeared on her website, If you were hoping Ms. Rice would be privy to some information we weren't, unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case...

"I don't have any news about the production of THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED at Warner Bros. I don't have any direct connection with the studio on that and I do know that Wes Bentley is no longer scheduled to be the Vampire Lestat. He has dropped out. Other than that, I really don't know anything. People here who work for me search the web for information and they haven't found anything. So, I don't know that anything at all is happening." [Thanks to 'Horacio' for taking a closer look at our neck.]

May 31, 2000... More word about Jonathan Davis' role in the film -- he and composer Richard Gibbs are indeed going to write a full orchestral score for the film. And if you're expecting it to sound like Korn's latest album, think again. Instead look for it to be, as Davis puts it, "really gothic and atmospheric but still heavy." But--he will be penning some songs for Lestat to lip-synch to when in concert. We conjecture, but: wouldn't it be interesting if Davis was the singing voice of Lestat? Hmmm. [Originally appeared in Entertainment Weekly; reported by Widgett.]

June 20, 2000... Oh boy. We've been handed a scoop from a source that, if true, blows the cover off of which actor is going to take over the role of Lestat for Queen of the Damned. The actor's name? Why, it's none other than Australian Heath Ledger (The Patriot).

According to a trusted source we're calling 'The Mirage', Ledger's already committed to the part. Officially, the production hasn't released any news about how the Lestat casting is coming along. We know for a fact that Ledger is returning to Australia to work on a new, unnamed production; recent interviews with the rising star had him state he's agreed to star in a new movie lensing in Australia -- and no, before you go thinking Ledger's going to swing a lightsaber, it's not Star Wars, Episode Two. 'The Mirage' says it's all but official that Ledger's gonna be sinking his teeth into playing Lestat. Let's hope for a casting annoucement soon. ['The Mirage' disappeared right before our eyes.]

June 22, 2000... According to a press release by CDDB, Jonathan Davis accepted an award from them for the latest Korn album being on their Top 10 list of albums for more than 30 days. When he did accept it, they mentioned he was taking time out from composing the score for this film to do so. So that part of things is well underway, we should think. [Info provided by CDDB, PRNewswire; reported by Widgett.]

July 5, 2000... Okay, put on your rumor hats, boys and girls. We've got a few we're going to throw your way, so bear in mind these are unsubstantiated at present. Get it? Got it? Good.

First, we have a report that although Ledger is indeed on his way to Australia to film, it's for a project called Four Feathers and not this one. So who would play Lestat? [Thanks to Chiller.]

Glad you asked. An anonymous scooper thinks he has the answer. Here's all we got: "I just saw something about Jonathan Ryhs-Meyers from the movie Michael Collins. I hear he's set to play Lestat in a certain vampire pic." You! There in back! Put that hat back on! [Posted anonymously.]

Finally, let's go out on a limb, shall we?

"One of my sources who has connections with Warner Bros. yesterday informed me that the studio is apparently negotiating with Julia Roberts for her to appear as Lestat's mother Gabrielle in Queen Of The Damned. It seems Warners wants to have at least one box office star in the cast (aside from Aaliyah and the still unconfirmed Heath Ledger). However, since Julia's part is going to be small, they are hoping that they could work out a deal to lower the actress' fees (Julia is contracted to do films for $20 million)." [Thanks to Glitternet over at Glitter Magazine.]

Okay, now you can take the hats off. Weigh what you've read, then just move on.

July 17, 2000... Now in talks for Lestat? Stuart Townsend, according to Hollywood Reporter. WB wants to get this puppy moving in September, because the rights expire in October. We've also added producer information up top. [Originally appeared in Hollywood Reporter; reported by Widgett.]

August 2, 2000... What do you do when all the Fox stages are busy with Episode 2? Why, move into a former Nestle Chocolate Factory in Melbourne and turn it into your film production facility. What else? Dark Horizons reports that they now have 12,000 square meters of space to work with -- whereas all of Fox's put together equals about 10,000. Wowzers. [Originally appeared in Dark Horizons; reported by Widgett.]

Early morning, August 9, 2000... is running an interview with recording artist Aaliyah where she talks about getting prepared to film The Queen of the Damned next month in Australia. "I play Akasha, who is the Queen and the first, original vampire," the singer tells "It's a good part. I've been working with my coach. I work with him all the time, and I've been working extra hard to prepare for this and get comfortable with what she's all about so I can do it the right way."

Aaliyah tells MTV that she's trying to finish up recording her new album before heading down under, and that she's currently reading Rice's third book in the Vampire Chronicles, The Queen of the Damned, before starting work. has selected quotes from Aaliyah that you can download using RealPlayer so you can hear the singer answer questions in her own words. ['Internet 24-7' got it first.]

Evening, August 9, 2000... This fellow Aussie heard on their local radio station today that Stuart Townsend "is in Sydney to audition for a part in the movie. He's keeping it low key in case he doesn't get it." We thought Townsend had all-but secured the part of Lestat...perhaps not? [Reported by Shane Porter.]

August 22, 2000... Anonymously, we're slipped the note that Australian Shane Paxton is up for a part. The actor is supposedly in America for contract talks. [Anonymous.]

August 27, 2000... "I've just returned from a casting session for 'Goth' extras," writes our latest Aussie scooper, "for some unknown scene in Queen of the Damned. They needed 150 extras. This was held in middle city Melbourne. The news was circulated around through the local Goth scene." ['Nimue Nabberie' reminds us that Bela Lugosi's dead.]

August 28, 2000... Hollywood Reporter is telling us today that Stuart Townsend, in the role of Lestat, might just be joined by Lena Olin and Marguerite Moreau. Moreau would play the role of a vampire hunter who falls for Lestat (hate it when that happens) and Olin would take the role of Moreau's character's aunt, who wants her niece to quit going to see that crazy Lestat in concert. [Originally appeared in the Hollywood Reporter; scooped by Frank P who wants those darn kids to quit playing that ZZ Top so loud...]

The Official Anne Rice Web Site -- Endorsed by the author, this page is devoted to bringing you the latest developments Rice is involved with. Frequently the author herself posts up messages updating the status of her prose and adapted projects.

September 5, 2000... More casting news: "We just had the second round of 'goth' cattle call in Melbourne.

"The forms we had to fill said people applying to be extras need to be available from 1 October to 31st December this year. A comment by one of the assistants indicated that the concert scenen was likely to be shot late November or early December.

"Not quite sure how this is going to work in the storyline, but some of the extras were being asked if they can wear contacts (for vampires) or if they were willing to go naked (for the concert scene - or so we were told). We were asked if we identified in real life with 'goths', 'punks' or 'witches'." [Anonymous.]

September 13, 2000... If you're looking for even more Queen of the Damned news, we've just received good news. This latest news comes to us via Chris at The Age who informs us that his website will be featuring updates on the shooting of Queen of the Damned throughout October, as well as regular, exclusive gossip and reports from their insiders. Chris also lets us know that because of their close proximity to Melbourne where the film is being shot, The Age will have unprecedented access to the happenings both on and off camera. We're looking forward to seeing even more news from down-under. [Thanks to Chris at TheAge; reported by Reg.]

October 4, 2000... Farscape actress Claudia Black has been locked to play the part of the vampire Pandora in The Queen of the Damned. Black made the announcement directly to her fans on the Sci-Fi Channel message boards last night:

Hello there beautiful people!
We are all suffering from post Olympic syndrome after a surprisingly exciting fortnight of sport and entertainment.I am officially very proud to be an aussie (aussie aussie, oi,oi,oi!!!)

My reason for posting today is to let you know that I have been cast to play Vampire Pandora in the sequel to Interview With a Vampire.

For those of you who have read Anne Rice's books,be prepared for some filmic licence and adaptation, if you know what I mean.While being losely called the sequel,The Queen of the Damned is not the book which directly follows interview and will not star Tom Cruise nor Brad Pitt.

I do not post this bit of news to boast, rather to recognize the enormous support I have received from you all on the BB and thank you for it as I feel You have instilled me with a confidence which has pushed me forward.

For those of you who out of loyalty went to support Pitch Black I can at least promise this time that although Pandora is a small support role, she will not be knocked off early!

Love and light to you all and thanks again for your continued support not only of Farscape but also of all the people who are bringing it to you.

Your chick with gun,

[News reports were sent in from Jaime M., 'Avalon' and 'Nonagon'.]


October 5, 2000... Vincent Perez (The Crow: City of Angels, I Dreamed of Africa) has been cast in the film. Perez will play the role of Marius, the former caretaker of the Queen and later companion of Lestat. The Melbourne newspaper The Age broke this news a few days ago. [Thanks to 'Tommy Five-Tone' for the message.]

October 16, 2000... "I live in Melbourne, Australia, where Queen of the Damned is filming. This evening - about 7:30 - I passed the production while taking the tram home. They were filming in front of one of RMIT University's ornate facades; the scene was, apparently, the exterior of a Lestat concert. Several nicely designed posters were visible,featuring lots of green, a vampiric face, and the words 'The Vampire Lestat - Live and Undead', along with a very large banner with Lestat's name. There was a crowd of extras, and a great deal of high-pitched 'excited fans'-style screaming." [That was CA reader Tennant Reed with the scoop.]

October 17, 2000... More sightings? Yup. "I happenned to wander past the set for Queen of the Damned yesterday. They were filming outside R.M.I.T. (a large Melbourne university). I didn't get a chance to see much, as I didn't have time to stop, but I guess they were filming the entrance to a nightclub, or concert. They were filming at the entrance to one of the buildings, (I think it is called Storey Hall), which is very unusual. The entrance to this building is a sort of cave, which is painted in bright green and purple, and it fits with a nightclub. There were posters up, covering up all signs of the university, advertising that 'The Vampire Lestat' would be appearing that night. I was only there when they were setting up, so I have no idea of what they actually filmed." [Liam Merlot was late, was late, for a very important date. Still, we thank him.]

October 21, 2000... The Ham got some pics. Oooh, we like pics. First of all, the first pic up there on the right is the aforementioned wild cave entrance bit. Next down, on the left we have the best shot of the Lestat posters. Finally, down here on the right is the crowd holding a sign that would make Mr. Townsend pleased. [Thanks to The Ham for the pics.]

November 13, 2000... "On the 10th of November 2000, in Rosebud, Victoria, there was a huge call for extras for the movie. They were after gypsies, villagers and rich people, who if chosen were to be ready for filming on the peninsula on the 20, 21 and/or 23 of November. There was a massive line of people willing, but unfortunately due to the overwhelming response the people in charge said they had filled all positions except for that of the gypsies, so anyone that was not either dark skinned or with an agency may as well go home." [That's from 'JaDe'.]

And another point of view on the recent call for extras...

"Auditioning for extras took place at Rosebud West on the Mornington Peninsula today. (About 1 1/2 hrs drive from Melbourne.) Hundreds turned up, but I didn't see any folk of 'black African descent' (rare as hen's teeth around these parts) who will be required for a scene where some plantation workers are attacked by vampires. This will be filmed on the night of November 23rd.

"There was a call for teenagers of 'gypsy-like' appearance who will play villagers in a Mediterranean fishing town on the nights of Novmber 20 and 21. Also required were extras to play wealthy holiday guests.

"Filming will take place in Sorrento on the Mornington peninsula." [This one's from Bruce.]

November 15, 2000... We've just received of word that Australian actress Renee Quast has snagged a plum role in the upcoming Damned feature. According to Melbourne's Herald Sun Newspaper, Quast will be playing the role of a vampire. The Aussie actress also revealed..."I love vampires, they have always been my favorite monsters." [Thanks to Clint at Moviehole.]

December 4, 2000... Our latest extra filed their report of the concert scene from Queen of the Damned, and included in their report was our first real description of the look of the new Lestat (played by Stuart Townsend). If you were expecting this Lestat to look similar to Tom Cruise's look in the first film, we've got news for you...

"I was one of the many extras who attended the filming of the concert scene for QotD. I would estimate there were about 2000 people there - yes, they were all goths - only in Melbourne, I tell you. The location was a quarry in Werribee. The AD told us they would be digitally adding thousands more people to the scene, as well as, I presume, some Death Valley scenery. First scene filmed was a helicopter flyover of people arriving at the concert. Once the crowd was in place, they filmed a scene of a close-up of Jessie in the audience and then a zoom-in to Lestat on stage. There were also some special effects shots filmed - Lestat flying onto the stage to join the band, and Queen Akasha floating into the air. Most of the night was spent filming audience reaction shots and crowd footage.

"Strangely enough, we were asked to remove obvious coats and jackets when filming, as we were supposed to be in a desert - the filmmakers obviously failing to realise that (a) deserts at night are freezing cold (as was this quarry) and (b) a goth never removes their coat no matter how hot it is.

"Stuart Townsend, Aaliyah and director Michael Rymer were there, although they got nowhere near as good a reception from the crowd as did Stuart Townsend's stand-in, Michael Townsend as Lestat looks much more like Brandon Lee's Eric Draven (right down to the coat and hair) than the (blond) Lestat from Anne Rice's books or even the film ofInterview..., so it will be interesting to see how he is received by Rice fans." ['D'Alex' was an eyewitness to the festivities that night.]

December 5, 2000... "Further to the last scoop on the 2000 or so extras used for the concert scenes that were filmed in Werribee, the QotD crew are preparing to film the movies final scenes in a disused warehouse in Melbourne this week. The setting will be a battle scene between the undead. Extras are being hired for this filming shoot as well." [Clint Fairbrother.]

December 6, 2000... More from the Lestat concert held this past weekend:

"We went to a quarry at Werribee where there was a large stage set up. There were Egyptian artifacts there.

"On the stage was all kinds of people including Robert Farnham playing guitar and the actor playing Lestat was miming to Jonathon Davies, from Korn. "We were given a t shirt and stickers. 'Damned' on the front, 'The Vampire Lestat Death Valley 2000' on the back." [Eyewitness account provided by Sarah Lucas.]

December 16, 2000... Sarah Lucas returns with more word on the final shooting and with pics of the swag she and other audience members at the concert grande were given.

"I have just had the best experience of my life. First I went to the Death Valley concert, came home and then went back to Melbourne to be an extra for the final filming for QOTD. I had three days of being an extra at the St Albans film set. Running around for three days trying to escape vampires was awesome and I can't wait until the movie comes out next year. I was unable to stay for the after filming 'Drink and Barbecue' as I am under 18. Oh well."
[Oh well, indeed. Thanks to Sarah Lucas.]

December 19, 2000... Lux sent us word that Marguerite Moreau is actually playing Jesse Reeves. [Sent in by Lux.]

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Anyone have hear more about this? It will be interesting to see Claudia as Pandora. Also great
to see Vincent as Marius. Do anyone know any of the other actors mentions? Specially Lestat's
actor. I haven't hear of him. And Lestat is my favorite character so I hope they find someone
really good to portray him.
I just looked on Ann Rice's web site and here new news on her movie "The Queen of the Damned"....

"I also have good news about THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED. I hope to be seeing a rough cut of it soon. Warner Bros. is tremendously enthusiastic about it. It is scheduled for release in Spring of 2002. Not very long ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Stuart Townsend, who will be playing Lestat in the movie. He was absolutely charming. I can't wait to see his version of my favorite vampire and alter ego. Right now, as I dictate these words to my beloved Verona, I am gazing out at the beautiful and placid Gulf of Mexico. Even though I have just finished a novel I am already dreaming of another."
This is from

This definitely I like to see, sounds like a fun movie. :rolly2:

Krystal :D

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