Internet Interview with Alti and Aphrodite


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Sep 30, 2000
Claire and Alex talk about the show, the fans and their characters.
Source: Comedy World

Claire Stansfield and Alexandra Tydings were guests on The Beth Lapides Experience on Comedy World Internet Radio on December 20th.
They actresses spoke about their characters, and at some length about their convention experience! Claire re-told her story of how she accepted the role on the show, thinking she would be playing the Amazon Queen, Cyane, not the "old hag" Alti!

Alex spoke a bit about the cake fight between her and Lucy Lawless in the Hercules episode Stranger in a Strange World. Would like to hear even more about that one though!

They answered a few fans questions - and one of mine! I emailed one in, and it got read out, with my name too! I asked them about their work on season 6 and whether it was different on the set now the show was ending. Alex had an interesting answer - about how they episode she had just filmed (the Caligula ones with Alexis Arquette) was the most excting and rewarding one ever for her. She commented on how everyone there seemed very focussed and committed, and enjoying it and having fun. Claire mentioned her two episodes, one of which is the modern day one (Send in the Clones) where she says she gets a big car and tried to run over Xena! The other was she described as being in a different realm...

The chat was long and very interesting and definitely worth listening to, if only to discover what they mean by "ladies who are in their 30s"!
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