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Sep 30, 2000
This just goes to show you that even stars can be hurt by unthinking comments made by zealous fans. But I guess if you cant take it then dont read it applies just as well.

The Big Cheese squeaks to Whoosh
Source: Whoosh

He`s the man behind life, the Xenaverse and everything, as well as being married to Xena herself, Lucy Lawless and big daddy to little Julius. Robert Tapert speaks to Bret Rudnick in the January 2001 issue of the the online magazine Whoosh! in a Must-Read interview!
Rob speaks about all sorts of aspects of the show, including how they started off with Hercules, the beginnings of Xena, Joxer, various episodes that he wrote, the producers view of who exactly their audience is, the fabulous The Debt, Xena and her relationship with Eve, Melissa Good, more about the problems on Season 5, some spoilers for what lies ahead and the Subtext question.

"My beat sheet said the following: `Xena hears a noise and sees a shadow on the wall of someone raising a hand, about to stab Eve. She throws her chakram through the window, it hits the wall. Xena comes running in, Gabrielle is lying on the floor.`

However, when it came to shoot the episode, it wouldn`t quite work out as the window was not in the right place. Rob tells how he was assured by the editor Robert Field that it would look fine...hmm

"It would have saved me so much grief if Xena had not seen Gabrielle when she threw that chakram. I called Rob Field [editor] and said "Don`t you think this is too mean, too cruel?" He said, "Not really, no. I can turn the chakram sideways with the effect and make it look like it was not meant to be a killing blow ..."

One of the saddest comments, and a telling one for us online fans, in my opinion, was what Rob had to say about how they viewed the internet, and early reaction to the show.

"Renee [O`Connor] got hurt early on with the "dump Gabrielle" in the first season. She was so excited when she first got a computer and I remember her setting it up to see what people said about her and her character. She saw all this "kill Gabrielle" stuff and it sealed the door with her forever. Lucy had similar experiences."


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