Fave Quotes From Series 3

loved them, especially the hospital one, from crystal skull
and the urgo ones....peachy
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wow...have a little marathon this weekend...great quotes...you know for the life of me i can't imagine how the heck they did that and kept a straight face...also if at & danny were right next tot them and she was unconscious...heck i'd be giggling my head off...

that whole imfirmary thing is the best scene...:D :D

yeah...I don't have much else to do at the mo...LOLOL
It was a great scene eh?!! Loved it

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This is a little rough:

'Fair Game':

'..... And the second System Lord We're expecting is Yu.' - Daniel
'Who, me?' - Jack
*the look Daniel gives him. The professor doesn't like being interrupted.....* :)

The enuuchs thing from 'Seth'. Hah! That's brilliant. And, 'A Serpent guard, a Horus guard and a Setesh guard......' LOL.
Quotes are good. I like quotes. Back to the Stargate ones though:

'Deadman's Switch':

"Doctor Jackson. If you wouldn?t mind treating my wound."
D. stares blankly
"You are a doctor, are you not?"
"I?m an archaeologist."
"And also a doctor."
"Of *archaeology*"
- Daniel and Aris.


"Hey Carter, next time I get the urge to help someone, please feel free to give a swift kick!"

- Jack, and later:

"Major. Next time Daniel gets the urge to help someone, please shoot him!"

Just got to add my faves from my fave of S3 so far (SG's back on 6th of January on Ch4: 'Pretense' and onwards)


"I?d like to apologise in advance for anything I may say or do that is construed as offensive as I slowly go NUTS!"
- Jack

"Why is it that you instantly jump to the conclusion that I'm crazy? That?s I'm out of control?? It's cos I'm kinda acting that way, huh?!"
- Daniel to Mackenzie

"I was just making sure you weren?t figments of my im... mind"

"Why don't we put up a little sign at the end of the ramp that says ''Gate travel can be hazardous to your health. I can live with that."

I think that's enough for now.....

:) l8r gaters. *
My quote is from my favourite episode Urgo cos I think it's really funny. Urgo says, "I can be dull. What a nice shade of grey, how about some white bread with mayonnaise, wanna go watch golf on television?"
"While I'm being silent I'd like to point out that when I called you a madman I meant it in the nicest possible way." Dom Deluise is so cool!
Originally posted by carkedit
Jack - 'Dare I ask about the men *inside* the compound?'
Daniel - 'They were turned into eunuchs.'
Jack - Eunuchs as in snippedy-doo-dah? Sweet.'

followed slighty later with -

Jack - 'So help me if I wake up and I'm singing soprano....'

Carkedit :dead:

I LOVED this one!:D :D
Jack(pretending to be a go'uld): Jaffa! Kree!
*Jaffa leader asks Jack a question in Jaffa*
Jack: <pause> You heard me - I said 'Kree'!

Just watched 'Into the Fire' again today, couldn't stop laughing. :lol:
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