1.13: Hathor

I always thought the "I'm the girl" conversation was appropriate for the episode. Especially considering the circumstances they found themselves in.

I also agree with Denise that it did seem stilted. But I still giggle when Sam says she feels like she's in a women behind bars movie.

Renee. . .:p
Yes! I giggle at that line also and the ones where Sam and Janet talk about Janet's ex-husband! I just love that scene!:cool:
those scenes are the reason hathor & singularity are my fav of season 1...they're just really, really good...and the added bonus of hammond not only apologizing to them, but they got a commendation out of it also...
That was the best reason for knocking out your commanding officer...to save the world and then get a commendation doing it. I wonder if that will be one of the stories that Janet and Sam can tell Cassie..or anyone else!:;)
But how DID she get outta the bathtub when it was on fire? It's a bit... well, how did she?!
if you look REAL close you can see her getting out of the tub. she's like cloaked or something so all you really see in a shape.

it's sorta cool
Yeah, but how about that scene where she "rises up" from underneath the water and
her hair was dry??? (I know, the miracles of running the film backwards!)

I loved the scene with the women in the cell, the bit about making the men feel "libidinous" ! That was just such a fun scene.

But no one has ever explained how Hathor rose up out of the sarcophagus after thousands of years with perfect makeup, perfectly lacquered fingernails with modern red nail polish..... guess those sarc's come with a beauty parlor!

and a vanity mirror in the lid.. :D

dont you know the goa'uld invented nail polish 1000's of years ago, it has a mind control agent in it, so anyone who uses it is a goa'uld collaborator...
Gosh, I wonder what the new and improved sarcs will come with?...LOLLOL!
Probably widescreen TV, satellite, bar, maybe a swimming pool round back... :D
Hathor rocks! Was Sam jealous coz evry guy on base was affected or just Jack!?! I personally think that the least the guys could have done would have been 2 invite 'the girls' for a drink with them!
That would have been nice, lene, except the guys were to busy with the QUEEN to notice the rest of the ladies!
My fave bit from this episode is when when Hammond is saying that Hathor is 'a good goa'uld' and then he says "bring her down" with a kinda dirty look in his eye. I'm not sure if any of you are from the UK and/or watch Shooting Stars (it's a TV show) but for those who have seen it before, I could just see him rubbing his legs in a Vic Reeves style way at that point!!

I also love the Crown of Marble bit, as well as any jokes relating to Hammond's baldness!!
Those sarcophagi (?gusses) are really cool ...... when they healed Daniel they even mended his clothes!!!!!
Originally posted by Marianne
Those sarcophagi (?gusses) are really cool ...... when they healed Daniel they even mended his clothes!!!!!

No they didn't!

Look at the Stargate the movie and (201 ~ the Serpeant's Lair,' the Sacriphagi didn't repair Daniel's clothing. I don't see it!
I rewatched the episode today and I still like it. One of my favorites of season 1.
I really like Sam and Janet in action.

I was surprised to see that Hathor could create Goa'uld. I was forgotten that. They should adress that too in the recent episodes ...

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