1.13: Hathor


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Sep 7, 2000

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Such a sweet woman until she breathes on you. What's up with that? I know she used it to mind control but come on, you think they would see the purple smoke and her breathing. O well overall it's a good episode. Hathor is cool for a snake. I give it a 7 out of 10.
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Didn't see it when she tried to use it on Teal'c? <G>
Nice to see the women of the SGC in the role of hero.

Loved Jack's reaction to Carter's 'amazing' when looking at his abs. "Crunches." <BG>


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Hathor is in a lot of the books. So i personnally thought she'd be a bit more gruesome (meaning violent) with her actions.
I like the quote "you with the crown of marble" Jack-"She might mean you sir"

One of mine is between Daniel and Jack.
Daniel: Hathor, she's the goddess of fertility, inebriation, and music.

Jack: Sex, drugs, and rock n'roll?


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The men were such schmucks, except for Teal'c, of course,
were they drugged? I know. Just the guys being guys...schmucks. Loved Rambo Frazier. And loved the lines between her and Samantha. It was a romp! Guess i'll view Broca's Divide to see Sam tangle with Jack. Gamma is a fun place if you don't go during or after rush hour (when they post latest SG-1 episodes).
yeah they were drugger by Hathor's breath, she would of had to take several breath mints before actually recording this ep hey?

Rush hour for Gamma? How long will it take before he/she gets the episode up?
I never seem to be able to get them too well during the weekend, better late at night. Usually have episodes up within two or three days. But I don't use as I capture my own from Friday at 10 Sharp! and have since we got showtime when we moved here. Have most of two, three and four but not much of one. Don't do downloads yet. I just watch at gamma.
Don't anybody make fun of my baby Hathor. I'll have to kick your butt!
Touchy, touchy Sean3W. Just don't let her touch you! Or breathe on you.
kel sha,

i think this episode was very good 'cos the idea of a queen who generates goa'uld. nice scene was also how Hathor tries to setting up jack for a goa'uld host -- but there is a question: when they lay jack into the sarcophagus he was already a host without a larvae and the sarcophagus removed his 'cuts' on his stomach -- but that would mean that if a host with a goa'uld lies in it it would remove his cuts too or isn't it ??

my opinion is that the goa'uld larvae could 'control' the sarcophagus that it don't remove the 'cuts' (stupid expression -- is there a special expression for it ?? :))

kree sha,
I doubt Jaffas are allowed to use sarcophagus anyway... That's for the 'gods' only... plus daniel and Jack occasionally and those who find one...
Maybe it has something to do with the larvae becoming one with the host. Like once the host and larvae are one, the sarcophagus cannot effect the goa'uld and the pouchdosn't close. Weird explanation but it's all i could think of that would explain it.
kel sha,

very good episode -- liked suanne braun as Hathor very much .. the scene with the "chain-reaction" was quite funny (sam is knockin' down gen. hammond) ;)

jack had a lot of luck 'cos without the sarkophagos (correct written ? ;)) he would now have Junior II :)

kree sha
ykybwtmsg when you spent 30 minute playing with spell check to find out how to spell sarcophagus....or sarcophagi... :D (only cause you asked)

the only part that bugged me was the convenient...let's blow it up cuase we can't have something that'll resurrect our heroes and thus remove the 'she could die' scenario...

personally i LOVED rambo fraiser and sam...total girl power and to me a bit of a payback for the emancipation droolage...
Did the whole conversation among the ladies about not knowing how to fit in with the airmen seem outta place to anybody else....it has always bothered me, for some reason.
Hi Bummer!

Gosh, I always thought that it was more of a problem for the men the way the women spoke. RE Janet and Sam's conversation. In Season 4 a team member in combat is a woman Lt. Astor. And there seemed to me to be more women in combat roles and on the front lines after Season 2. Perhaps Hammond got some sensitivity training for the men in combat after "Hathor " when the women saved the day!:D
maybe the conversation was a little stilted...course it would have been better if they'd let the other girls speak up(course they couldn't or they'd have to pay them for speaking roles) anyway, i liked it...but if you notice at the end, nothing has changed, sam & janet are studying the goo and the boys are going out to have fun...so sam's still 'the girl'

there were more females, one died in matter of time on sg-11 as a matter of fact. maybe george did realize a diversified staff could better withstand stuff...

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