Jeri Ryan talks to Mr. Showbiz


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Sep 30, 2000
Well anyone would think the only actor on voyager is Jeri Ryan ...;)

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Author: AntonyF
Source: Mr. Showbiz (via TrekWeb)

Jeri Ryan, currently doing the circuits to promte Dracula 2000 and, to a lesser extent, Voyager spoke with Mr Showbiz recently. It`s an interesting interview, and has a variety of new questions covering where her name comes from, who she prefers out of Kirk and Picard, her singing and websites dedicated to her. She says of them, "It`s a little odd. Very flattering, certainly. But it`s a bit strange to consider how many people there are who are willing to spend hours and hours of their free time designing a Web site for someone they don`t know. I`m very flattered."

She also talks of her role in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. She got the giggles so much that her role was cut. "It was a scene on a bus, and John Candy and Steve Martin were very sweet and really nice guys. We were cutting up and doing goofy things between takes. I`d never been on a movie set before and it never occurred to me [that] you couldn`t laugh when they were doing funny stuff. And after three days, I was told, `You don`t need to come back.` They reshot it without me."

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