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Apophis' First Prime
Oct 13, 2000
kel sha ,

i've never bought a stargate book neither i've seen one. because of it listens very interesting i'd like to buy one. can anyone of you give me a hint for a book (where especially goa'ulds are acting or so ...) ... ??

thx :)

kree sha !
the 5 books by Bill Mcay, are after the Stargate MOvie thus having no mention of Goa'ulds (although Hathor is in them) but there are other books which are based on SG-1, these might have Goa'uld in them (but i haven't read them)
There is, they are by Ashley Mcconnel
there are about 4,
Children Of The Gods HNR
The Price You Pay 7/10
The First Ammendment 8/10
and the newest one "The Morpheos Factor" is released soon. they are fairly cheap too :)
Does anyone know where the books are out in England? It's sooooo annoying - once, I saw the Price You Pay in Waterstones, but didn't have any momney on me @ the time, and when I went back, like, coupl days l8r, it was gone, and when I asked the assistants, they denied eva having the book! The words Stargate Conspriacy come to mind... ;)

Or maybe the psychiatrist bribed the shop assistants to preserve my sanity... Na, he know's it's too late!

PS, Do you recommend any?

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